For diabetics

For diabetics : important points

For diabetics: important points

Extraordinary benefits of eating fruits with skin for people with diabetes

Diabetes is one of those diseases that must be fought with all one’s might.

Because this disease is not only problematic in itself but also prepares the ground for other diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and so on.

A pediatric endocrinologist noted that eating fruits with the skin can reduce the rate of blood sugar absorption. And have a snack for dinner.

That people with diabetes can use complex carbohydrates such as bread, rice and potatoes, according to the nutritionist,
“People with this disease, like any other healthy person, it is better to consume.”

Avoid animal fats, butter, cream and fried ingredients and often use low-fat vegetable oils, milk and yogurt.

“There is no major difference between the diet of children with diabetes and that of healthy children, except for restrictions on the consumption of simple carbohydrates,” he said.

“People with diabetes should have regular meals and try to divide their food volume into different meals to avoid increasing the volume of food in one meal,” said the pediatric endocrinologist.

That diabetics are advised to eat more whole wheat bread, “Eating fruits with the skin can reduce the rate of blood sugar absorption.”

herefore, it is better for people to include vegetables, cabbage, lettuce, cucumber and celery in their daily diet.

The pediatric endocrinologist concluded by noting that people who use insulin in the traditional way should have a snack to prevent hypoglycemia in the middle of breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner.

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