Foods that help stop diarrhea (BRAT diet) - diet for diarrhea

Food for diarrhea

Food for diarrhea

Foods that help stop diarrhea (BRAT diet) – diet for diarrhea

diet for diarrhea – Foods that help stop diarrhe
(BRAT diet)

Food for diarrhea : It is a misconception that it should be to stop for diarrhea from eating solid foods.

It is not true.

Consume not solid foods only when accompanied by diarrhea,
Severe vomiting can occur and food may enter the respiratory tract and complications such as aspiration pneumonia.

To stop diarrhea, you need to make a slight change in your consumption pattern,
Eat solid foods as well.

There are two major concerns about treating and stopping diarrhea.

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food for diarrhea
Food for diarrhea

First, are solid foods effective?
Second, which foods should be used more often to treat diarrhea?

We answer these questions below.

Dietary changes are associated with managing and stopping diarrhea and can prevent the effects of dehydration, which is similar to malnutrition.

However, dieting is an effective way to treat or prevent diarrhea.

Most cases of diarrhea resolve without treatment.

However, it is best not to forget the necessary care such as rest.

Consuming plenty of fluids will help the body fight diarrhea.

This treatment is especially effective when diarrhea is caused by infection.

Start the BRAT diet for diarrhea

The BRAT diet name is derived from the four-word abbreviation for the banana, rice, apple puree, and toast.

Although solid foods should not be avoided during diarrhea, it is sometimes difficult for people with solid foods to tolerate solid foods.

Therefore, it may be helpful for these people to use the BRAT diet.

It is also suitable for people who have stopped eating solid foods for a long time.

The BRAT diet ensures that you are well-nourished and able to gradually switch to solid foods.

This diet emphasizes the use of substances that reduce the risk of diarrhea.

The four main ingredients in this diet are banana, rice, mashed potatoes, and toast.

fat loss

Foods that help stop diarrhea  (BRAT diet) - diet for diarrhea
Food for diarrhea

the banana – diet for diarrhea

Bananas are not only very easy to digest but also high in potassium, which can be a good substitute for electrolytes lost to diarrhea and vomiting.

For easier consumption and digestion,
Better crush the bananas before eating.

Rice – diet for diarrhea

Simple white rice is an effective contributor to stopping diarrhea and is also a rich source of carbohydrates that slowly release and make you stay longer.

apples – diet for diarrhea

Apples are another useful food to return to a normal diet.

Among all types of apples, potatoes are the best.

But if not available, you can also use grated apples.

Foods that help stop diarrhea  (BRAT diet) - diet for diarrhea
Food for diarrhea


Consume regular white toast,
Simple and butter-free can be easily digested and help stop diarrhea in the digestive tract to return to normal.

However, it is best to use it in the short term.

Because white toast is not able to keep you full.

Biscuit and starch

Many additives prefer carbohydrates over protein and fat.

This tendency increases when there is stomach upset or diarrhea.

Other than rice and toast recommended in the BRAT diet,
Other carbohydrate options below that are helpful for stopping diarrhea:
Simple biscuits

Simple biscuits are usually well-tolerated in the stomach.

Simply cook it before swallowing.

If you use salty biscuits, it is best because these types of biscuits can restore some of the lost electrolytes to the body.

You just have to consume them with plenty of water.


Pasta without seasoning or sauce is another well-tolerated food.

It provides enough carbohydrates to stay full.

Just prepare some salt to make the pasta.

boiled potato

Skinless boiled potatoes are another good source of carbohydrates and potassium that are well tolerated in the stomach.

You can cook potatoes in the water, on the stove or in the Microwave, but you should always peel it before eating.

These are not just a balanced meal, but a second step in the BRAT diet.

When using these ingredients to stop diarrhea you should continue with the liquid foods you used.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are essential as part of a balanced diet.

If the above foods do not alleviate the severe symptoms of diarrhea, you should consume fruits and vegetables.

However, fruit juice consumption should be avoided as they can sometimes worsen diarrhea.

Fruits such as canned pineapples should be eaten in small amounts and with sufficient water.

Cooked or steamed carrots are well tolerated.

Avoid adding seasoning to it and cook with just a little salt.

Pumpkin is another food that is well tolerated by diarrhea in the body.

Cook squash like carrots and eat crushed.

While using liquid foods,
With biscuits and starch,
These fruits and vegetables can be good nutrition to stop diarrhea.


Many of the foods mentioned above have little protein.

In the short term, it may not be necessary to have high protein in the diet, but to get back into the routine of a balanced diet, the amount of it should be balanced.

You may have some meat in case of craving diarrhea.

You can cook a little lean meat and eat it with other foods.

Red meat or chicken without skins are good options.

Vegetarians should choose soy-based foods such as tofu.

Grains are not a good alternative because they cannot reduce gas and flatulence.

Suitable food to prevent diarrhea

To the extent that solid foods alone cannot be effective in stopping diarrhea,
Some foods can make things worse.

Therefore, these foods and drinks should be avoided.

These foods include:

Sweet foods
High-fat foods
Processed foods
Foods full of color and preservatives

Dairy is one of the foods that can increase gastric gas. If they are combined with artificial sweeteners, the conditions worsen.

So flavored dairy like yogurt is not a fruit for diarrhea.

In addition to the substances of consumption of caffeine drinks
(Coffee, tea, and drinks),
Alcoholic beverages and juices should be avoided.

The key to using this diet to stop diarrhea is to use it in low volume.

Just select a few samples of these foods and use them in small quantities many times a day.

You should, of course, try not to use more than two or three of these at the same time.

Using all of these substances will cause a disordered combination in the stomach and make the bowel more irritated.

All meals should be consumed with plenty of water.

In addition, between solid meals,
Continue to consume water.

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