Fatty liver diet treatment

Foods To Eat When Diagnosed with Fatty Liver

Diet is your first line of offense against a diagnosis of fatty liver. Your diet can totally transform your health and your life.

Below are eight foods to eat in your diet if you have fatty liver. Updatebody.com

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1 Green Leafy Vegetables
Green leafy veggies are the #1 food to have in your diet when diagnosed with fatty liver. Kale, spinach, watercress, dandelion greens, mustard greens, collard greens and romaine lettuce are full of nutrients that help your liver regenerate.

2 Healthy Fruits
Fruits contain different types of acids that help purify the cells of the liver. For example, apples contain malic acid which helps dissolve stones in the gall bladder and liver. Healthy fruits are fruits closest to their raw form.

Fatty liver diet treatment

3 Protein
Your liver needs enough protein in your diet in order to regenerate itself. Some studies have shown in the past that 100 grams protein a day is the ‘magic’ amount where the liver can detoxify itself from toxins.

4 Milk Thistle
Milk thistle is often one of the primary components of herbal formulas. Several herbal formulas tested scientifically that contain milk thistle have been proven to target the pathological events that initiate and make fatty liver disease progress.

Fatty liver diet treatment

5 Green Tea
Green tea’s medicinal actions include antioxidant, thermogenic (heat-creating), fat reducing and anti-inflammatory activities that make it an herb with liver-protecting properties. In a 2012 medical report found in the journal Nutrition Reviews, scientists concluded: ” This reivew presents the experimental evidence demonstrating the hepatoprotective properties of green tea and its catechins and the proposed mechanisms by which these targeted dietary agents protect against non-alcoholic fatty acid disease.

6 Soy
In a rat study on the effects of soy on lean and obese animals, animals fed either casein milk protein or soy for 17 weeks showed a difference in their liver tests. The animals that ate soy diets reduced their triglyceride levels by 20% plus they reduced their overall liver fat accumulation. The researchers had evidence to believe that soy partially restored part of the fat metabolism. They believe that adding soy to diets of those who are obese or have fatty liver disease would be able to make a difference and could assist in reversing the disease.

7 Liver Cleanse Formulas
Liver cleanse formulas are combinations of herbs that ‘clean out’ the cells of the liver, and help it regenerate. There are many different kinds on the market.

8 Camel Milk
Camel milk contains natural insulin that can help insulin resistance in those who are overweight or have metabolic syndrome. It has been known to help decrease the amount of insulin needed by diabetics. In one study in Saudi Arabia, camel milk given to rats eating a high fat, cholesterol-rich diet that causes fatty liver, 8 weeks of camel milk drinking decreased the fat in the liver, the inflammatory cell infiltration of the liver, increased glutathione levels, and preserved liver function. It totally eliminated the fatty liver changes normally caused by the diet. Camel milk is available from Amish farmers in the United States.

Fatty liver diet treatment