Fat burning workout

Fat burning workout

Fat burning workout : Most people are wasting 67% or MORE of their fat burning potential every time they work out.

Shocking, but true.

Consider the “world’s most popular weight loss exercise” as an example.

Every year, 36 million people turn to jogging because they think it’ll get them the lean physique that inspires them.

But check this out…

In 2006, researchers from Berkley and Stanford Universities revealed the results of their study on habitual runners.

To the shock of the entire fitness industry,

ALL the runners— including those who ran as much as 8 miles per DAY—got fatter with every passing year!

Those folks are wasting 100% of their exercise time! And that’s obviously not what I want for you.

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 fat burning workout

So how do we solve this?

There are three key “blocks” that must be included in any effective fat loss plan.

We’ll talk about them in just a minute.

But know this…

You can NOT hit 100% of your fat burning potential without all three.

The sad truth is, most conventional programs only hit one of the three essential methods,

like jogging. And that means you’re only working with 33% of your fat burning potential—at best.

So what are the key workout ingredients for a successful fatloss plan?

  1. Intense cardio interval training
  2. Endurance cardio training
  3. Metabolic-Muscle training

Without all three, it’s impossible to keep your metabolic machinery firing at 100% of your fatloss potential.

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