fasting mimicking diet do it yourself

fasting mimicking diet do it yourself

fasting mimicking diet do it yourself

Health and anti-aging solution with FMD diet
If you are one of those people who stop eating a lot and are looking to lose weight, you know that some tasks and diets are more useful than others, because if an excessive diet makes you lack energy Slower, stores more fat.
So eating less is not always helpful.
In this part of Updatebody, we will introduce you to strategies that you can take anti-aging strategies.
One of these diets is the FMD diet.

fasting mimicking diet do it yourself
fasting mimicking diet do it yourself

Limit food or FMD diet
Dietary restriction was first discussed at the University of California.
People ‘s views on traditional weight loss ideas and diets focused more on reducing calories.
In these discussions, they developed a diet plan that reduces body fat and slows down the aging process and can have many benefits for pancreatic cells.

How does this diet work?
This diet contains a section related to fasting for 5 days.
It then allows the person on the diet to eat small amounts of anything and always keep a balance.

The 5-day diet is as follows:

first day:
A person on a diet can only consume 1,100 calories during the day.

Day 2 to Day 5:
A dieter should only consume 800 calories a day.

This diet focuses more on the quality of the nutrients than on the calories.
Calories are just a way to measure, nothing more.

The diet is generally divided as follows:
34% carbohydrates
10% high quality protein
56% fat on the first day and 44% on the fourth day

What are the benefits of this diet?
Cancer prevention
Most importantly, this diet can reduce the growth of cancerous tumors that cause cancer.
People who took part in the study, who followed the diet for more than three weeks, saw an improvement in their chemotherapy. You should also consult your doctor before starting this diet. People with cancer can not take this diet on their own, but usually most people do not have any problems after taking this diet, but in any case, it is better to do it under the supervision of a doctor.

Improve MS
In addition, studies show that after three three-month periods of this diet, a person on a diet sees benefits in improving the symptoms of MS.

Other positive effects also include a reduction in inflammation, corticosteroids and cytokine levels in the body, but this is an irreversible disease.
However, there are ways to prevent it.

Rejuvenate the whole body
If you get very sick and feel that you need medicine more than ever and you are tired most of the time and you are constantly looking for different doctors, know that this diet helps the overall health of your body and its benefits include the following:

In this part of Updatebody you will read:

Better response to stress and positive effects of nutrients in this diet
Reduce inflammation in the body
Better ability of the body to rejuvenate cells and build healthier cells
Not affecting bone density on the aging process
Improve diet and mental abilities
Reduce cancer risk and improve cancer treatment
Increase control of glucose levels in diabetics and prevent dangerous problems in the future
Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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