Fast weight loss

Fast weight loss

Fast weight loss

76 Special Tips for Fast Weight Loss
People who are looking to lose weight think that weight loss is just a matter of reducing calories, but losing weight is more than that.
You should try to establish habits in your life so that you can increase the speed of losing weight and at the same time do not harm your body.
Motivation to lose weight and keep that motivation is one of the most important measures.
In this section of Updatebody, we will introduce you to tips so that in addition to ensuring the health of your body, you can find ways to accelerate your weight loss.

76 Special Tips for Fast Weight Loss and Healthy Weight Loss

  1. Do not let hunger overwhelm you.

It is perfectly normal to feel hungry between meals, but it often happens that you are overwhelmed by this hunger.
Craving for food can cause depression, stress and anger, and on the other hand, when you are too hungry, you will crave more food.
As a result, all your efforts will be wasted, so do not starve yourself too much.

  1. Eat nutrients. Be sure to eat a group of foods that have high nutritional value and eat healthy foods so that you can experience a balanced weight with a healthy body.
  2. Eat clean. Avoid harmful foods, for example, you can completely avoid fast food and processed foods, and avoid salty or high-sugar foods, and after a while you will see weight loss.
  3. Prepare your muscles.
weight loss

A proper diet along with exercise can be a miracle for you and be sure to prepare your muscles along with this diet to speed up your weight loss process.

  1. Prepare your food in advance.

You should always have a special diet with you so that you will overcome less hunger.

  1. Tidy up your kitchen.

You should always keep your kitchen clean and tidy so that a crowded kitchen can not remind you of a healthy eating style.
People in the crowded kitchen consume more food without realizing it.

  1. Plan your fake promises.

In addition to the diets you have, set days so that you can eat a few meals against the diet, and of course you should have a plan for these days so as not to overdo it.

8 Limit yourself.

When you eat a full meal on a small plate, your brain subconsciously feels that you have eaten a lot and as a result it will fill you up sooner, so do not use an empty large plate.

  1. Eat more fiber.

If you want to lose weight fast, you must replace fatty foods with something that gives you both full energy and fewer calories, nothing but fiber can do that for you.

  1. Eat at least 5 meals a day.

Instead of three meals a day, eat five small meals a day to keep your metabolism in balance and burn calories faster, so be sure to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with two snacks. .

  1. Do not skip any meals.

Never skip any meals, and when you eat less, your body burns more calories than when you feel hungry.

  1. Prepare a food magazine.

Make a diet journal related to your diet so you can plan for the foods you need and not be confused about making new foods every day.

  1. Increase protein and decrease carbohydrates.

The diet you eat should be low in calories and in addition should be high in protein and low in carbohydrates.
Protein can keep you full for longer and suppress the hormones that cause hunger.

  1. Eat more dairy.

Dairy products, in addition to bone health, can balance your metabolism and speed up your weight loss.

  1. Have healthy snacks with you.

When your heart is pounding, be sure to bring healthy varieties like nuts with you so that in addition to responding to your inner desire, you can eat a healthy snack.

  1. Do not be sensitive to fruits.

Fruits are a rich source of fiber and can be a good substitute for sweets and balance their consumption, but never eliminate it from your diet because it helps a lot to lose weight.

  1. Forget high-calorie drinks.

Do not lose all your efforts to diet with a high-calorie drink. Consider the caloric content of beverages and never consume sugary beverages.

  1. Chew enough food.

When you increase your chewing count, you feel full sooner, and then realize that these little tips can help you lose a lot of weight.

  1. Don’t worry about the weekends.

The scariest days for dieters are weekends because they are afraid that they will not be able to stick to their diet with others and waste the whole week.
There are many ways in this case, for example, if you are invited to a friend’s house, be sure to check the menu before going there and if you see that there is no food suitable for you, you can skip going to a party or bring the right food with you.

  1. Keep your body hydrated.

Drinking enough water is one of the most powerful ways to burn extra calories, and it may be hard to believe, but it can make you lose weight strangely.

Healthy eating habits for fast weight loss

  1. Read food labels.

From now on, when buying food, read the label below to know the amount of calories in sugar and salt, which will help you better manage your diet.

  1. Healthy foods are not the same as low-calorie foods.

Do not think that any low-calorie substance can be healthy for your body, and you must know the details of that food and assess its health according to its ingredients.

  1. Look for a balanced diet.

Avoid overly strict diets, and the diet should be balanced and able to accompany you to the end of the road, which will help you lose weight faster.

  1. Be careful in choosing sweets.

Sweet foods are too high in calories and in addition they will make you hungry again in a short time, so be careful of the sweets you are consuming.

  1. Avoid harmful foods.

Harmful foods are high in calories and damage your body, and people on a diet should try to pay more attention to their body health than anything else, and greatly reduce the speed of your diet by consuming harmful foods once.

Fast- health

  1. Say no to processed foods.

Processed foods are high in salt and sugar and do nothing but harm your body, so eliminate them completely from your diet.

  1. Set small, logical goals for yourself.

Take your goals out of the long run, for example, make a commitment to yourself that you need to burn 1000 to 2000 calories during this week and achieve them.
Doing so will increase your motivation to keep going.

  1. Boil food.

We have said many times in the contents of the diet and prescriptions for weight loss in Updatebody that you should forget about frying foods because boiled foods have less calories for you and on the other hand, its harms are less.

  1. Speed ​​up your food.

Diet food should not be boring, dry and empty, and you should definitely give the food a good taste.
Since you should avoid too much salt, you can replace it with pepper.
Spicy food not only tastes good, it can also prevent you from overeating.

  1. Be active.

Do not think that activity only means exercising and try to do more work at home during the day.
Regular chores at home can also help you lose weight and just need to speed it up.

  1. Make your journey longer.

For example, this time you can use your foot instead of a taxi to return home, and you can at least walk some of this path and try to choose paths for walking that are attractive enough and make you bored.

  1. Get up once every hour.

It does not matter where you are sitting or what you are doing.
Set your phone alarm for an hour and do stretching for at least 2 to 5 minutes when it rings.

  1. Take your children to the park.

Taking your kids to the park and taking care of them can burn a lot of calories, and as a result, in addition to having fun, you can also accelerate your weight loss.

  1. Turn homework into a practice session.

You may not believe it, but you can burn about 200 calories by washing the car or washing dishes, and then prepare your body for calorie burning by doing household chores to increase its effect.

  1. Running

There is nothing more effective and enjoyable than running in the park with your friends, but remember to warm up completely before the running, use the right shoes, and speed up your running

  1. Set your morning goals.

Be sure to set a goal before going to bed after waking up, and it is best to include these goals in your exercise routine.

  1. Buy the materials you need from the store.

You need to say goodbye to online stores when you lose weight, and walking and shopping can help you lose a lot of weight.

  1. Make your workouts happy.

Have variety in your sports exercises, for example, you can use swimming next time instead of running, and you can also consider mountaineering and gardening as part of this.
make your sports atmosphere happy, for example, sharing it with a friend and Do your spouse.

  1. Enroll in a class.

You can attend fun classes like Zumba.
Zumba exercises strengthen your heart and arteries and accelerate weight loss to a great extent.

  1. Use movement games at home that are interesting to you.

Games like rocket launcher can help you lose a lot of weight because you are very active in it and play such games at home.

  1. Do not eat in front of the TV.

Eating in front of the TV can be distracting and you do not realize how much you have eaten, so be sure to devote your eating to a secluded and focused place.

  1. Take numbers seriously.

For example, if your diet states that you should consume three tablespoons, never exceed 3, which plays a huge role in the speed of your weight loss.

  1. Buy new ketones.

Change your ketones every once in a while at the club, which will make you feel more refreshed to exercise and increase your motivation to keep working.

  1. Read success stories.

Be sure to visit the websites and study the experience of those who have lost a lot of weight, and this will increase your hope to lose weight and increase your motivation.

  1. Use the stairs.

This time, instead of taking the elevator, go up and down the stairs and never lose this factor to lose weight.

  1. ​​Be out of the house.

For when you are not working, try to spend your time outside the house and when you are out, you will have to walk, but people at home may be lazy.

  1. Use exercises with weights.

Exercises with weights, in addition to beautifying your muscles, also help you lose weight, and in fact, by doing so, you will show an arrow and two.

  1. Do not forget to rope.

Take a short break a day to rope, which is a healthy exercise with regular high calorie burning throughout the day.

  1. Get a private tutor.

If you feel that you have not lost as much weight as you should in group sports, you can get help from a private trainer, and the good thing about a private trainer is that he can break all your body and the best, most effective and fastest solutions.
To give you weight loss.

Quick weight loss methods with several important points

  1. Do not behave emotionally.

Prepare your mind that you should not consume anything you want.
In such cases, you should not be emotional, and there may even be people around you who are on a diet, so never provide them with anything they want.

  1. Get help from social networks.

You can see thousands of photos and experiences of people who have lost weight on social media, and you can share your changes with others to get motivation from them.

  1. Use exercise that you enjoy very much.

Exercises should be such that they excite you and make you do them for longer.

  1. Reward yourself.

Whenever you overdo it to eat your favorite food or do strenuous exercise to lose weight, be sure to reward yourself and you will definitely know what you are most interested in.

  1. Find a reason for yourself.

Whenever you feel frustrated and tired of losing weight, look for reasons to lose weight and see why you want to lose weight, and whenever you are tempted to review these reasons for yourself.

  1. Get rid of the stress of a diet.

Do not inject too much diet into your mind and you should not imprison yourself.
Treat the diet as a normal process in life.

  1. Laughing is the best medicine for weight loss.

Laughing can burn a lot of calories, so be sure to do things or see things that make you laugh from the bottom of your heart, this will make your life happier and reduced Experience fast loss weight.

  1. Weigh yourself once a week and avoid weighing yourself every day.

Small changes between days are perfectly normal, but they disappoint you, so try to reduce this to once a week so that subconsciously, your motivation to see more weight loss will increase.

  1. Do not exercise on an empty stomach.

Exercising on an empty stomach is one of the mistakes that most people make to lose weight fast, and it not only does not help you lose weight, but also does a lot of damage to your body.

  1. Add two workouts each day.

You should not start doing hard exercises from the first day and you can start this exercise little by little and add two exercises every day.

  1. If possible, postpone exercising until morning.

Exercising in the morning can provide you with energy throughout the day, and on the other hand, it makes you stay active throughout the day and still burn calories.

Fast weight loss

  1. Do not chew gum.

Chewing gum will make you hungry prematurely and also its sugar will make you gain weight.

  1. Change your habits to lose weight.

If you feel that habits in your body are causing your weight loss to be delayed, be sure to avoid them, for example, avoid weekly appointments with friends in coffee shops and eating high-calorie drinks.

  1. Do not go to parties on an empty stomach.

Be sure to eat a balanced diet before going to a party, and this will prevent you from being tempted by colorful party foods.

  1. Park your car a little further away from work.

This will make you walk a few steps and be healthier.

  1. Download your favorite music.

Be sure to use your favorite music while practicing and try to choose this music from the motivational category.


Do not be idle in the morning, and for example, while waiting for coffee or bread to warm up, you can do squats, and even squats for 10 to 15 minutes can speed up weight loss.

  1. Put aside excuses.

When you can not cope with a part of your diet or exercise, never make excuses and do not look for excuses for your work and admit that you made a mistake.

Fast and effective weight loss diet

  1. Do not choose to eat for fun.

Try to fill your hobby with activities other than eating that weight loss can be a simple project, if you pay more attention to your behaviors.

  1. Weight loss starts in the kitchen.

Before doing anything, you should pay attention to your kitchen environment. And make your kitchen so that harmful foods are never found in it.

  1. Get enough sleep.

Sleep is an important component of weight loss, and when you sleep less, the hormone cortisol in your body increases, which can increase your hunger.

  1. Continuity is the key to success.

Be sure to maintain consistency in your diet, and if you want to skip the diet for a few days, know that you have delayed your weight loss for a long time.

  1. Take a selfie of yourself.

Record your body changes in the photo from time to time, which will increase your motivation to continue.

  1. Get help from a nutritionist.

Before dieting, be sure to check all the nutrients your body needs and then ask your doctor to recommend a balanced diet.

  1. Love your body.

You should try to be friends with your body when losing weight, and loving your body will make you pursue fitness goals more and look for ways to keep your body fit and healthy.

  1. Check your thyroid.

Be sure to check your thyroid before starting any exercise regimen, and if your thyroid is underactive or overactive, you should treat it before you start and then try to lose weight.

  1. Meditate.

Use meditation exercises for more relaxation and weight loss, which in addition to affecting your body, can also prepare your mind for rapid weight loss.

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