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Eye lens : 5 important points how to use

Eye lens : 5 important points how to use

Use the lens in accordance with the principles
Adherence to the correct principles of using lenses is essential because if the lenses are used incorrectly, it can cause damage and eye infections.

Bathing with the eye lens due to water and detergents reduces the moisture inside the eye and as a result causes the lens to stick firmly to the cornea, so it is recommended that people avoid bathing with the lens and do not go into the pool with the lens at all.

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1- Duration of use Eye lens
Lenses should not be used for a long time and the lenses should be removed from the eye when sleeping at night because the lenses can block the supply of oxygen to the cornea of ​​the eye and long-term use of the lenses will cause various infections in the eye.

2- Places of use Eye lens
In areas with dry and polluted weather, you should not sleep with a lens because this action causes corneal ulcers.

Any hygiene product that is not used properly can cause an infection, while if the lens is not used properly, it can cause infection and blindness.

3- Teaching how to use Eye lens
Lens training must be done by an optometrist or a trained person.

If the date of manufacture and expiration of the lens is known and its brand is approved by a doctor, it will not cause eye problems.

4- Lens quality
People who wear contact lenses must be careful that their lenses are licensed by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

Sometimes some people buy these types of lenses because they are cheaper, which puts their health at risk.

Lenses should be stored in a special container and a special solution should be used to wash them, which should be used according to the doctor’s instructions.

5- Appropriate examination
As soon as you see redness and discharge from the eye, the use of the lens should be stopped and the lens should be used again at the doctor’s discretion, because sometimes the edges of the lens jump due to long nails, which are more common among women, causing corneal ulcers.
This is very dangerous.

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