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Exercises trx

Exercises trx – TRX exercises for back
exercises trx : Anatomically, the posterior part of the trunk (the back) consists of several layers of muscle that lie like a sandwich on each other.

Functionally and in order to meet the goals of the bodybuilder, it is considered to be behind the three parts, which is like a triangular piece.

The upper part of the back is made up of a large triangular muscle called trapezius muscle (Trapezius).

The origin of this muscle extends from the highest point of the spine, from the skull to the last spinal cord (that is, all neck and chest).

The upper caudal tracheal muscle (at the neck) is attached to the abdominal cavity and the scapula.

The Middle section Trapezius Scapula Connects the shoulders and pulls the shoulders to the rear,moving the lower trapezoidal scapula down.

The underside of the Trapezius muscle consists of three muscles, which have scapular support to the vertebral column.

High scapulae (levator scapulae), (Rhomboids), large and small polygons.

muscles are closer to the shoulders under the Trapezius and increase the muscular thickness of the upper part of the back.

exercises trx
Exercises trx

Definition TRX – Exercises trx
A brief resistance exercise for the body has been develped by A former force United States Marine.

In this method, the main pressure is The core of the body, and in general, this method is done by focusing on the force of gravity and body weight.

The key to doing these exercises is to get two belt straps.

During these exercises, depending on the type of movement, you may need to Use your hand or foot to hold the straps.

Altogether, while doing these movements, part of your body will stay suspended by the straps so that your body’s resistance to gravity strengthens The core of the body.

Conclusion – TRX exercises for back – Exercises trx

this state of suspension and instability of the body causes your hip and abdominal muscles to constantly keep up to balance your balance.

To do these exercises, you can hang the straps from anywhere, so you can do these exercises anywhere.

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