exercises for the back

exercises for the back: what exercises are good for the back?

exercises for the back: what exercises are good for the back?

The work of back strength training is too often neglected in the room, in favor of a program for pecs and front muscles that are more visible in the mirror.

However, to muscle, the back is important, as much in terms of aesthetics as for the good overall behavior of your body.

Here we explain everything you need to know about the different back muscles, before giving you a list of back strengthening exercises that you can insert into your program for upper body strength training!

Get ready to work on your large dorsal, lumbar or trapezius, for a result that is both aesthetic and impacting your physical abilities.

what exercises are good for the back
exercises for the back

Back muscles and their characteristics – exercises for the back
The back muscles, which are articulated around the spine, are divided into two distinct categories: the deep muscles and the superficial muscles.

If most of the exercises that you will find in this list are intended to make the visible (superficial) muscles more prominent, do not forget to strengthen your deep back muscles, especially with cladding exercises. This will help you to have a better hold.

To facilitate the classification of these muscles, it will separate the lumbar muscles (lower back, so) and the muscles in the dorsal region. Other back muscles exist, such as cervical muscles, but for an effective muscular program, we will focus mainly on these two categories.

The lumbar muscles are:

The big dorsal (superficial)

The long dorsal (deep)

The costal rib of the thorax (deep)

The coastal line of the loins (deep)

The big oblique of the abdomen (superficial)

The muscles of the dorsal region are: – exercises for the back

Trapeze (superficial)

The deltoids (superficial)

The dorsal (deep)

The big dorsal (deep)

The thorny back (deep)

The coastal line of the neck (deep)

The muscles sus and sub-thorny

The small round (deep)

The big round (deep)

All these muscles are very important for a good posture, especially when sitting, and to keep a straight position when you stand. In addition, when one seeks to strengthen the upper part of his body, having a fleshy back allows gaining in scope. Those who neglect this part of their body often find themselves with a little harmonious musculature! Many bodybuilders will tell you: give it as much importance as your bust!

To understand which back muscles and which bodybuilding exercises are best for your purpose, it is important to understand how the different parts of your back work.

How to build your back without risk exercises for the back

To get a muscular, graceful body that easily meets your physical needs, it’s important to focus your back weight training on 4 main areas. The big dorsal, trapezius, lumbar and small/big round.

To stand up straight and have a sculpted and imposing back, it is the big dorsal that will have to make work. It is the most visible muscle of the back and is often highly developed in bodybuilders or boxers since it intervenes in the internal rotation and in the extension of the shoulder.

The more this muscle is developed, the more your torso will be bulging. Indeed, while some pectoral exercises (such as the bench press) allow you to gain volume, they will also generate a stooped posture, shoulder forward.

To overcome this, we must opt ​​for good exercises to strengthen the big dorsal! – exercises for the back

Then, it is necessary to muscle trapezes, which will give more scale to your shoulders. Aesthetically, the result of your program will be more harmonious if you work well trapezoids. These muscles affect the movements of the shoulders, including the shrugs and the lowering of that part of your body. Muscle-strengthening will provide you with better flexibility and a quick response from your body when solicited.

To know that trapezes are also used to get a good balance in your bust and your back, not to finish with one party stronger than the other.

Then come lumbar, a particularly important area in everyday life. The muscles of the lower back are indeed very busy every day, as long as you bend down frequently or you lift heavy loads. With a view to working in the gym or at home, they are essential! Muscle this part of your back will prevent you from hurting yourself by performing the various exercises designed to evolve your template.

The last part of your back that you have to focus on is the deep shoulder muscles: the little round and the big round. In general, most backstroke exercises will solicit them, but some practices

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Bodybuilding exercises for the back – exercises for the back

To facilitate your training sessions, we have categorized the back strength exercises according to the areas they are working on.

Work the big dorsal with these 4 exercises: – exercises for the back

Tractions in pronation – exercises for the back

Some of the most effective back strength exercises include pull-ups. By performing this exercise, you will work the dorsal and most of the upper back muscles.

To perform pronation pulls, go under the drawbar (fixed) and hold the bar in pronation (palm down). Then stretch out your arms and pull until your chin protrudes above the bar. Go back down slowly, and repeat the exercise 10 times. With a break of 1 minute between each, you can do 3 series.

For increased efficiency, it is possible to stop your movement for a few seconds during practice, to hold the position, before going down.

The rowing with bar – exercises for the back
With the rowing with bar, you will work all the muscles of the back: the big dorsal, but also the trapezes, or the big round.

This is weight training for the back that is done as follows: – exercises for the back

Stand in front of a fixed bar, which you will enter in pronation (or in supination, palm up, if it is easier for you). Your feet should be spread to the width of your shoulders and your hands on the bar should be a little wider than your shoulders. Lean the bust forward.

Bend your knees a little, block the pelvis, keep your back straight and your elbows tucked in, and then pull the bar towards your waist, only forcing with the back muscles. You will feel the latter contract, which testifies to the good execution of the movement.

Hold a few seconds, then go back down slowly. – exercises for the back

It is advisable to do 5 sessions of 6 to 8 repetitions of this exercise to strengthen your back.

Vertical pulling at the high pulley – exercises for the back

Sitting on the machine, the barbell slightly below your head, it’s about placing your hands in pronation on the curved bar and pulling towards you at shoulder height. Keep your back straight and extend your arms completely to bring the bar back up.

Be careful to keep your elbows backward, performing this movement.

It is possible to do 3 sets of 10 repetitions at each session.

The exercise of the woodcutter

Lumberjack exercise is also called one-handed rowing and is a great exercise to work on the backpack. It is a fairly easy exercise to perform but still offers very good results.

To get started, stand next to a team bench and place one knee on the bench. Your other leg will be stretched next to the bench, standing up.

In the hand on the side of the extended leg, you will have a dumbbell. Your other hand will rest on the bench.

Right-back, it will have to go up and down the dumbbell, up to the level of your ribs without rotating your pelvis. A bit as if you were sawing a log, hence the name of a lumberjack!

It is advisable to do 5 sets of 10 repetitions.

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