Exercise of balance

Exercise of balance

Exercise of balance , such as building muscle, requires training, attention, and time.

For many people, balance is a learned skill and no one is born with it but can be strengthened by repetition and practice.

Just like getting stronger Muscle, having a balance has many benefits,
These include improved exercise performance,
improved body posture,
reduced risk of injury,
and lower back and joint pain.

Balance training is part of the functional fitness movement,
Priority is given to increasing strength and mobility in daily life rather than practicing athletic goals.

Practical fitness has become as popular as the fitness world, and every day more and more people are calling for more focus on healthy daily activity instead of Practical fitness exercise.

Ideally, any fitness program will incorporate a combination of cardiovascular, strength, and balance training.

Your physical and emotional balance is commanded by the various systems that work together.

Atrial system- exercise of balance

Under the command are sensors in the head (including the ears) that control spatial positioning.

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Deep Sense System – Balance exercises

Is the third system, such as the eye that measures and evaluates,
For this reason, maintaining balance with your eyes closed is a big challenge.

Balance problems are related to vision.

Due to the complexity of the balance systems,
Evaluation and cultivation of equilibrium under different conditions,
It is very important.

For example, closed-eye testing is a good and important tool.

Maintaining balance when getting up and in situations closer to the ground are also good challenges.

But keeping the balance with the combined movements,
It uses a different system.

Balance workouts should be part of your regular fitness program.



Exercise of balance

1-Walking exercise – Balance exercises

You can walk anywhere and anytime.
You can use a treadmill or walk on the street.


Walk 10-15 minutes at a time.

Add a few minutes at a time until you reach at least 30 minutes on each walk.

Then increase your speed or Increase the hills of the path.

2-Interval exercises

These exercises increase your fitness level and by burning calories,
It helps you lose weight.

The main idea in these exercises is to change the intensity of the action rather than moving at a constant speed.

Walking, running, dancing, other aerobic exercises and swimming for a minute or two.

Then rest for 2 to 4 minutes.

The length of a period of training depends on your exercise and the time needed to improve your recovery.

A coach can fine-tune the steps.

Repeat courses during your workout.


Exercise of balance

3-Squat Practice – Balance exercises

Reason :
Squat moves simultaneously on several groups of muscles such as quadriceps,
Hamstring muscles (3 muscles in the back of the femur),
Serine muscles (gluteal muscles) work.

Open your legs as wide as your shoulders and keep your back straight.

Bend your knees and lower your hips as if you were sitting on a chair.

Your weight should be equal to the three points of your legs triangular.
(Heels, muscles inside and outside leg muscles])

When you are in a good state,
Repeat this movement 12 times,
You can add dumbbells.

Correct way Squat

To learn this move well,
Practice with a chair.

Sit on the chair first and stand up.

Next time touch the chair a little while sitting and stand up again.
Do the same with Squat without the chair.


4-Practice Lunges – Balance exercises

Like Scott, this movement engages all the core muscles in your lower body and can also increase your balance.

Take a big step forward and keep your back straight.

Bend your front knee to about 90 degrees.

Put your weight on your back foot and pull the knee to the floor.

Do not let the knee touch the floor.

When you can do well,
Add dumbbells to these movements.

5-Push-up Practice -Balance exercises

Push-up strengthens the breasts, shoulders, triceps, and core muscles.

Keep your face down and your hands slightly wider than the shoulder width.

Put your hands on the floor.

If it’s too hard for you,
Put your knees on the ground first.

Your body should have a straight line from the shoulders to the knees or legs.

Involve the back and abdominal muscles.

Bend your elbows until you touch the ground.

Raise yourself by pushing hands.

Keep your upper body in a straight line during this movement.

Push-up Sports Exercise:

too easy?

Go lower with a table or chair As you get stronger.

Then you can practice on the ground and get your knees bent.

So hard?

To practice more,
Your feet on the stairs,
Leave a chair or sofa and practice.

6-Crunch Exercise – The First Method – Balance exercises

First, lie down and lay your foot on the floor.

Place your head on the palm of one hand and reach for your other knee.

Press the waist down.

Crunch Exercise – The Second Method

You can also do this by keeping your legs apart and bending your knees.

This technique does not allow you to bend your back and also uses your hip muscles.

7- Bent-Over Row -Balance exercises
In this exercise, you will work out all the core muscles of your back as well as the biceps muscles.

Open your legs from shoulder-width apart, bend your knees and bend your hips forward.

Engage your abdominal muscles without bending your back.

Hold the weights under your shoulders and open your hands to the shoulder width.

Bend your elbows and lift both hands on either side of your body.

Pause then slowly lift your hands down to the starting position.

You can do this with a bar or dumbbell.

Mastering the armpit bending exercises

Practice this exercise first without the weights to learn how to do it correctly.

If you have trouble performing this exercise while standing,
let your weight on a chair.

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