Exercise in apartment

Exercise in apartment : What are the most important points for exercising 100% ?

Exercise in apartment

Exercise in the apartment without making noise – Exercise in apartment
Exercise in apartment : We all know that exercise is good for the health of body and soul and we should dedicate time to exercise every day.

Many people for various reasons can not go out to exercise parks and sports clubs and prefer to exercise at home.

If your home is an apartment, you should follow some tips when exercising at home so as not to disturb others.

In this section of Updatebody, we have provided all the tips that are necessary for exercising in the apartment without disturbing, so stay tuned.

Use suitable flooring to reduce noise – Exercise in apartment
The best way to reduce the sound of exercise in the apartment is to use a sports mat, which is usually made of PVC foam and absorbs sound and allows movements to be done more smoothly.

Use thicker mats to reduce the sound of cardio exercises such as jumping or running.

However, for Push-up, sitting or yoga, a narrower mat will suffice.

Even if your downstairs neighbor or you are not sensitive to sound, getting a sports mat is an important step in your health.

Using a mattress can reduce joint pressure and the risks associated with it and improve balance.

It also eliminates the possibility of burns from hitting the carpet or floor.

Exercise in apartment

Check the lease
Sometimes, whether you can exercise at home depends on the apartment you live in.

There are times when a landlord may prohibit certain types of exercise equipment, especially treadmills , Read carefully to be sure.

In addition, some exercises can be very noisy.

See if your lease has a “Silence Hours” clause that prohibits a lot of noise during certain hours.

The case allows you to exercise in the apartment without harassing your downstairs neighbors with a lot of blows.

Use foam under the treadmill – Exercise in apartment
If you place the treadmill on a slippery surface such as tile or parquet when using the treadmill;
The device slides easily;
This can happen even when the treadmill is on the carpet.

Use foam under the treadmill to prevent treadmill noise.

The use of mattresses and foams made of dense materials can absorb the impact of the foot well.

These foams can extend the life of your machine, as they minimize impact shock and increase its durability.

These foams can easily eliminate slippage and hold the treadmill in place.

Exercise in apartment

Exercise with the right shoes
Most sneakers squeak while training and make a lot of noise in the apartment, so some people decide to work barefoot at home, but if you do not like to work barefoot, be sure to wear socks.

These allow you to exercise better because they are great for balance-based exercises like yoga or Pilates.

Note – Exercise in apartment
Proper shoes are very important for some types of exercise.
Wearing shoes while doing cardio or weight training will prevent common injuries and heavy landings on your feet.

Have a suitable place for sports
It is possible that you do not have much space for exercise in your apartment and living room in the current situation, so you must empty and clean the space before you start training, otherwise your daily exercise will not be quiet.

Be sure to set furniture aside to avoid collisions.

Do not pull the chairs to the floor to move them, otherwise they will make a lot of noise, and if some furniture is too heavy to move smoothly, the sliding pads can help you to move them.

Find practice routines focused on the apartment – Exercise in apartment
Fortunately, the world has come to realize that some people prefer the comfort of their living room to a fitness center.

Another good way to exercise in the apartment is to learn through video, so you can easily find a lot of home exercises that are suitable for the apartment.

These are specifically designed to reduce noise and disturb neighbors while they are practicing well.

Take advantage of low-noise training options
The noise from jumping exercises and weights causes each neighbor to complain, so you should choose more appropriate exercises.

You can adapt your apartment to your favorite sports programs that you have chosen in the gym and coordinate sports life with your apartment.

High-impact exercises are exercises that involve a lot of jumping and usually put more pressure on the joints, so to reduce noise and the risk of injury, you can try jump and special steps instead of running on the spot.

Use elastic instead of weights – Exercise in apartment
When we think of strength training, weights are the first thing that comes to mind.
Research shows that resistance exercises for lower and upper body exercises give you the same results, and you can do strength exercises just like weights.
Match your fitness level.

Use appropriate sports equipment
With the best exercise equipment at home, you can not only start exercising immediately without having to go through thousands of online exercises, but also have a workout or a mini-workout at any hour of the day.
There is currently the best sports equipment for the apartments, all of which are housed in small, folding boxes that are easy to work with and, most importantly, great for weight loss.

Exercise while doing other things – Exercise in apartment
Doing multiple tasks at the same time is an essential part of life, and when we work several hours at home, we need to work hard to control our health. Fortunately, some equipment allows you to exercise while doing other things. Some of these are designed for people who want to exercise while sitting, so you may be doing cardio while working at home, making phone calls or playing.

While standing, you can practice with a stepper and for those who want to focus on their upper body.

Exercise in apartment

Set an update schedule
Take time to practice every two days and then every day.
If your neighbors still have trouble with noise, talk to them so they can let you know when they are not home so you can practice.

Be respectful – Exercise in apartment
Practicing in an apartment has many benefits, such as paying no monthly fees.
It can also be an important step in maintaining your health at home, so treat your neighbor with respect and conscience, and not just think about your work and well-being.

Use plastic-lined dumbbells
You do not need to give up arm training just because you exercise at home.
Metal dumbbells make a lot of noise every time you lower them, so it is recommended to use plastic-lined dumbbells to reduce noise.
It is also best to do this on a sports mat to have a greater impact.

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