Exercise for knee pain-Does it hurt for me to exercise

Exercise for knee pain-Does it hurt for me to exercise?

Exercise for knee pain

Exercise for knee pain : Today, knee pain is a common pain that affects older or even younger people. Knee disrupts one’s normal life and makes it difficult for them to perform daily tasks. Doctors also recommend exercising to treat knee pain, in addition to prescribing medication. These exercises strengthen the support muscles of the knee and reduce the pressure on the knees. In this article, we present three useful steps to improve knee pain.

Does it hurt for me to exercise?
Are you worried that exercising will cause more injury or pain to your knees? Until your doctor tells you that exercise doesn’t hurt you, the best you can do is strengthen the muscles that support your knees and keep them flexible. Start slowly with exercise and gradually strengthen your muscles over time.

Warm up first
Fixed bike

You can use a fixed bike for about 5 minutes to warm up, take a quick 5 minute walk and lift your hands up or down at the same time, or do a wall push-up for 1 to 2 minutes, followed by as much Perform the calf raise. Warming up will give you a better result from exercise, be prepared for stretching and reduce the risk of knee injury.

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Exercise for knee pain-Does it hurt for me to exercise?
Exercise for knee pain

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1- Straight Leg Raises
Straightening the leg-Exercise for knee pain

If your knee is not at its best or you have knee pain, start with a simple exercise to strengthen the quadriceps (ie, the muscles in the thighs). Doing this does not put any pressure on the knee or the pressure on the knee is very low. Lie on the ground or any other flat surface. Bend one of your knees and place your foot on the ground. Keep the other leg straight and lift it from the ground to the height of your other knee. Make this move in 2 sets of 1 to 2 sets.

2- Hamstring Curls
Hamstring muscle tension

Hamstring is the muscle located along the back of your thigh. Lie on your abdomen to improve knee pain. Slowly keep your heels as close to your back as possible. Make this move in three sets. You can also make this move upright. To do this, place your hands on a chair and lift one of your legs each time. If you make the move simpler, you can attach the weights to the ankle and gradually increase their weight from 1.2 kg to 3.8 kg and up to 1.5 kg.

Exercise for knee pain-Does it hurt for me to exercise?
Exercise for knee pain

3- Prone Straight Leg Raises
Raise your foot straight in Damer mode

Another step you can take to treat knee pain is to lie on your belly while your legs are flat. Tighten the hips and hamstring muscles of one of your legs and lift that leg to the ceiling. Hold your foot for 1 to 2 seconds and repeat the movement. Lift each foot 2 to 3 times and then move it on your other foot. You can use ankle weights to strengthen your muscles and make this move easier. After doing this, you should not feel pain in your back. If you feel pain, lower your leg, and if you still feel pain, stop doing it and consult your doctor.

4- Wall Squats
Squatting against the wall

Squatting against the wall is a more advanced move. As your feet are on the floor and the legs are as wide as the shoulder width apart, stand so that your back is leaning against the wall. Gently bend your knees and hold your waist and hip against the wall. Stay in this position for 1 to 2 seconds. Note that you should not bend your knees too much. If you feel pressure or discomfort in your knees, change your position. Repeat this move and stay in the sitting position for a few seconds each time.

Exercise for knee pain-Does it hurt for me to exercise?
Exercise for knee pain

5- Getting up on Calf Raises
Getting up on the toe

Stand on the back of a sturdy chair or other support such as the back of a bench or wall edge in the stadium. You can also do this on the stairs, placing your hand on the fence and lifting your heel on the edge of the stair. To do this, slowly raise the heels as far as you can and then lower. Make this move in three sets of 1-4. When it’s easy for you, lift one leg slightly from the ground and place all your weight on the other foot.

6- Step-Ups
Step-up-Exercise for knee pain

To treat knee pain, you can place one foot on a step board, platform or the shortest step in the staircase and keep your pelvis straight. Bend your knee and slowly raise your other leg to the ground. Gently touch the floor with your toe, then raise your foot again. Repeat this movement 2 to 3 times and then do it for the other leg. When the move is easy for you, use a higher staircase or touch the ground with your heels instead of your toes.

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