Exercise for back pain - Elderly sports exercise science

Exercise for back pain – Elderly sports exercise science

Exercise for back pain – Elderly sports exercise science

Exercise for back pain

Elderly sports exercise science
A lecturer and member of the People Association of Sports Physicians said: Exercise is very effective in the treatment of low back pain and with proper exercise movements can relieve the pain.

In a conversation with ISNA correspondent in the Kurdistan Region, Keyvan Bahrami said:

“Exercise has various effects on the body, which have many therapeutic benefits and thus can treat low back pain.

Exercise for back pain - Elderly sports exercise science

He cited a number of therapeutic effects of exercise and said:

Regular exercise can reduce obesity and gain weight. This reduces back pressure and treats back pain caused by being overweight.

Exercise improves physical flexibility and physical fitness, enhances the ability to move in different directions, and cures low back pain from dryness, says the university lecturer.

He said:

Special exercises can strengthen the abdominal and back muscles; strong muscles protect the spine and prevent it from injury and also protect the damaged discs and treat the back pain caused by disc injuries.

Bahrami advised on the proper training of exercise for treating low back pain and said: “Walking will reduce weight and it can be said that the best exercise for weight loss is walking or running slowly; Osteoporosis spreads.

He described walking in a relaxed and enjoyable outdoor environment as a cure for depression and psychological distress and low back pain. And half an hour a day.

Exercise for back pain - Elderly sports exercise science

A member of the Association of Sports Physicians stated:

Hiking should be done at a moderate speed To obtain walking speed you should use a heart rate, count your pulse during a walk, then use the formula (number of pulses in one Minutes Walking = Age _180) Get walking speed.

The lecturer described swimming and doing water exercises as another useful exercise for many low

back muscles and said:

“The pressure on the body muscles strengthens and strengthens them.” Water reduces body weight and relieves stress on the spine. Water, on the other hand, is resistant to body movements and requires more power to move.

He said:

First, slowly enter the shallow part of the pool and avoid dipping and jumping into the water, then walk slowly into the water, then walk back and forth to the left and right in the water and then Try lying on the front and then on the back.

Bahrami also found it effective to move the chair and said:

Sit on the chair and bend your body forward while flexing your muscles forward and release your shoulders forward and allow your hands to move forward.

Hold down for 5 seconds, then go back to the first position and wait 5 seconds, repeat the move three times. In the second move, sit on the chair and bend one knee and wait 10 seconds, then hold the other knee and wait 10 seconds Repeat the move five times.

Exercise for back pain - Elderly sports exercise science

He also suggested a three-leg stretching gesture as a treatment for back pain and suggested:

Lie on your back on the floor and then kneel in your belly and hook your knees around your hands and knees Hold the abdomen completely for 10 seconds, then slowly lower your legs and place on the floor and do this 3 times.

“Lie on your back on the floor now. Get your hands stretched out over your head and try to stretch your body (like you want to be a few centimeters taller).

This will stretch your muscles and Your waist arch will increase so that you feel only your heels and top of your waist are on the floor for 10 seconds, then lie down for 10 seconds.

Repeat this movement 3 times (this is for people who arch Their waist is reduced or their disks or nuts are compressed)

A member of the Iranian Association of Sports Physicians said:

Lie on the floor and put your feet straight and stretched on the ground. Give it a lift and after three seconds rest your left leg and hold it for 10 seconds. Rest for three seconds and repeat.

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