Emotional pain causing physical pain

10 of the most important Emotional pain causing physical pain

Emotional pain causing physical pain

Pains that are directly related to your mental state :
Emotional pain causing physical pain : We often experience pain throughout our lives and we have to take care of ourselves, but there are some pains that do not occur due to physical problems, but are rooted in our psyche.

Which pain do you think indicates that we are emotionally involved?

In this section of Updatebody, we explain about this and introduce you to these pains.

Emotional pain causing physical pain
Emotional pain causing physical pain

These pains are meant to tell you to pay more attention to yourself spiritually.

Migraines and other types of headaches mean you should not be overly stressed.
You should drink more water.

Eat the right foods and control stress is the most important factor. In fact, by creating a headache, the body intends to tell you that now is the time to have fun and you need to relax more.

2- Neck Pain
Having neck pain is more than just a normal pain.
If you suffer from neck pain, this is a good time to pay more attention to your mental state.

You may not forgive yourself for something and feel guilty.
In such situations, meditation can convey a feeling of comfort and freedom to you.

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Emotional pain causing physical pain
Emotional pain causing physical pain

3- Upper back pain
This pain indicates that you need emotional support.
Maybe you are rejected by someone you love and need more love in life.

Upper back pain is related to romantic and supportive feelings.
You may need to strengthen your relationship with the person you love.

4- Pain in the lower back – Emotional pain causing physical pain
This pain in the core of the body indicates a mental conflict due to financial issues.

Also, if you have recently experienced separation from someone you love or you have lost your job and money, you will probably experience this pain and as the condition improves, your pain will go away.

5-Shoulder pain
Many of us experience shoulder pain throughout our lives and feel that a heavy object has been placed on our shoulders and we are under a lot of pressure.

This is due to various problems that have occupied our minds.
If you take care of the problems and leave them alone, your shoulder pain will probably improve as well.

6-Pelvic pain
If you have stiffness and pain in your lower body, it probably means that you are stuck in a situation where you are very worried about moving towards the future and do not want to go out of your comfort zone.

It is also a sign that you do not want to decide on something and you are constantly evading it.

Facing fear and increasing inner courage is not an easy task, but when you can succeed in it, your physical pain will definitely go away.

7-Knee Pain
If your knee pain has no specific cause and you have never had it before, then the pain in this area is a sign that something is wrong with your life.

You have many ideas in your head but you can not express them. This will prevent you from becoming mentally drained.

Of course, pain in the knee that prevents the knee from bending may be due to a physical injury.

Emotional pain causing physical pain
Emotional pain causing physical pain

8- Abdominal pain or abdominal cramps
Worry, fear and anxiety cause heartburn.
Experiencing these feelings frequently and without interruption is a cause for heartache.

Chronic stress can also cause abdominal cramps.

9-Elbow pain
All our emotions are physically expressed in parts of the body, and the elbow is no exception.

Medical conditions such as osteoarthritis and other problems can cause elbow pain, but in general mental conditions such as anxiety and depression can occur in strange forms such as elbow pain.

10 -Hand pain
This pain is similar to elbow pain and may be due to a medical condition but is sometimes a sign of loneliness and isolation.

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