effects of baking soda

effects of baking soda

The positive effects of baking soda for athletes

Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, is a chemical compound.

Sodium bicarbonate is a substance used in bread, natural cleaning products and toothpaste.

You may have this product in your refrigerator and cabinet and use it in different ways, but some people seem to use it to improve muscle mass while exercising.

Baking soda is actually a popular sports supplement among athletes. Sodium bicarbonate can cause changes in the body. Athletes often use baking soda to delay muscle fatigue and improve their body language.

Sodium bicarbonate supplement is used especially for high-intensity exercise. For example, in swimming, two people compete with baking soda.

Further research in this area shows that baking soda can be effective for exercises between 30 and 60 minutes.

The positive effects of baking soda for athletes
effects of baking soda


During high-intensity exercise, our bodies use chemicals that help improve muscle tissue, resulting in the production of substances such as lactic acid and hydrogen in muscle cells.

Some of them are excreted and some of them remain inside the muscle cells and create an acidic environment. This acidity is directly related to the pH level in the body.

Increasing the level of acidity can raise the pH level, which causes metabolism and a feeling of fatigue, and as a result, people believe that baking soda can help us in this area , increase the capacity of muscle cells and create a better environment for them.

Balancing the ph level

The body functions well when the pH level is normal or neutral.
The body’s acidity or alkalinity is pre-measured.
When the body is acidic, it wants to reach the normal level of 7. Baking soda in the body can have this ability to reduce acidity levels; Especially when we do high-intensity exercise.

When the environment around us is too acidic, we feel the side effects. The heart, liver and kidneys are overworked and can cause chronic conditions.

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Athletes’ bodies – effects of baking soda

High-intensity exercise sends signals to the body to release hydrogen ions. Hydrogen is a metabolic residue that causes an acidic environment and reduces the performance of athletes.

Research shows that sodium bicarbonate removes this excess acid, resulting in increased energy and people can perform better in challenging workouts.

As a result, muscles work better, metabolism and energy increase, and a person can experience stability in a long workout.
Research shows that the effects of baking soda on interval exercise are also very high, balancing muscle acidity, resulting in better performance by people.

Side effects of baking soda

Research shows that baking soda may not work for everyone.

Baking soda is usually recommended for people who can use it as a pre-race supplement to perform better.

Not everyone can enjoy the good effects of baking soda before exercise. About 10% of people experience digestive problems after consuming baking soda.

Digestive problems

The right amount of baking soda for athletes
Because each person’s physical condition is different, the amount of sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, can only be determined by a doctor or instructor who has information in this area.

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