Eating before bed

Eating before bed : Eat 10 of the worst foods before bed

Eating before bed

Prohibited foods before bed
Eating before bed : Eating some foods at the end of the night and after 8 pm not only causes weight gain but can also reduce the quality of sleep and disrupt the sleep pattern.

Some people eat their dinner before 8 o’clock, but after dinner and until late, they eat fatty snacks and gradually gain weight.
If you feel hungry at the end of the night and want to have a snack, you should definitely go to Eat healthy foods.

In this section of Updatebody, we have listed the foods that are forbidden to eat after 8 nights and cause disturbed sleep balance and overweight.

Heavy foods – Eating before bed
Heavy foods take longer to digest.
Eating fatty, cheese and fried foods can lead to indigestion and waking up at night, so avoid things like cheeseburgers, fries, fried foods and steaks at the end of the day.

Eating before bed

Foods with high water content
Waking up to go to the bathroom can really interfere with rest.
Of course, drinking plenty of water is important for good health but Avoid celery, watermelon and cucumber.

Hidden caffeinated foods – Eating before bed
Check food labels, many foods contain caffeine even when you least expect it.
Tea and soft drinks usually contain caffeine unless the label says otherwise.

In addition, some ice creams and desserts contain espresso, coffee, or chocolate.
Chocolate acts as a stimulant with other caffeinated foods, making sleep more difficult.
It is better to use decaffeinated drinks or water instead of caffeinated beverages such as coffee and soft drinks.

Fantastic sugary foods
Eating sugary foods may be the best way to relax at night, but eating these foods before bed can cause insulin fluctuations and destroy the sleep pattern, so avoid overly sweet snacks such as sugary cereals, desserts and water.
Avoid candy that causes blood sugar to jump.

Red meat – Eating before bed
Meat is a rich source of protein, but it is slow to digest and high in fat, and eating it at night can cause bloating or stomach pain because your body has to break down and digest this food during the hours it wants to rest.

For a comfortable sleep, draw a line around this food because its consumption not only causes digestive problems but also increases cholesterol and the risk of heart attack.

Foods rich in tyramine
Experts recommend that you avoid foods high in tyramine late in the day to improve sleep quality.
This amino acid releases a natural stimulant that facilitates brain activity, which can lead to sleep problems.
Tyramine-rich foods include tomatoes, soy sauce, eggplant and cheese.

Eating before bed

Fried foods – Eating before bed
Eating fried foods before bed and after 8 pm due to fat will slow down digestion and disturb sleep at night, so draw a line around this food.

Spicy foods
Anyone who has experienced heartburn knows that eating spicy foods at night can cause problems because naturally, the body temperature must be low to sleep well, but hot peppers can raise the body temperature.
In fact, the feeling of warmth can keep you awake for longer.

Acidic foods – Eating before bed
Not surprisingly, another factor that disrupts sleep is acid reflux. Foods such as citrus juices, raw onions, ketchup, and pizza can interfere with sleep by worsening heartburn.

Foods that are difficult to digest and high in fiber may cause bloating and insomnia.
Pressure and cramps from dried fruits, beans, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts can cause you to fall asleep later.
High-fiber fruits and vegetable

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