Earwax : 10 important points

Earwax : 10 important points

Very important tips for clearing earwax

Earwax, or the sticky yellow substance secreted by cells in the ear, is a strong barrier to contamination that we must be more careful to remove.

Here are 10 important points in this regard.

1- What are the contents of earwax?

wax or cerumen, is a combination of fat (secreted by the sebaceous glands of the skin), skin cells isolated from the inside of the ear, and secretions of the cerumen glands in the outer ear canal.

2- What is the mass of your ear?

Earwax is of two types, dry and wet.

It depends on your genetics.

The genetics of the people of Northeast Asia, especially the people of China or Korea, are such that they have dry earwax, while the earwax of people from other countries is wet.

3- How does ear mass look like nose hair?

In fact, earwax is one of the body’s protective factors.

Earwax, like eyelashes and nose hair, protects our bodies from irritants such as dust, bacteria and other microorganisms.

These agents cause discomfort, inflammation and infection when they enter the body.

If your hearing loss is due to an accumulation of earwax and you can hardly hear sounds, go to an ear, nose and throat specialist for a checkup.

  1. How does the mass of the ear look like tears?

Earwax makes our ears slippery and soft, just as tears make our eyes slippery and moisturized.

If the amount of earwax is low, the ears will become dry and itchy.

5- Does earwax go away after cleaning the ear?

The ears cleanse themselves thanks to the mass of the ear.

Whenever you shake your jaw or chin, the earwax slowly moves from the eardrum to the ear canal.

Then it dries and falls out.

6- Please do not manipulate the inside of your ear!

You should not insert anything into your ear to clean it, because the ears clean themselves.

Do not insert ear cleaners, pins, fingers, or anything else into your ear to scratch or remove the earwax, as this will push the wart more into the ear, which can clog your ear and your hearing.

7- Never use ear plugs!

Some people use ear plugs to remove earwax.

In this method, the person lies on one side of their body and a hollow cone-shaped candle is placed inside the ear canal.

Then they light the candle.

In fact, the heat of the candle softens and removes the earwax.

While this has no proven benefit, it also causes ear burns, ear clogging due to the accumulation of earwax, and perforation of the eardrum.

  1. How does ear mass affect hearing?

Accumulation and hardening of the ear mass is the most common cause of hearing loss.

Sometimes the earwax may be pushed toward the eardrum or the ears may produce too much mass.

Your ears may also experience itching and discharge.

9- How to clean earwax?

If you feel that your ears are closed due to the accumulation of earwax, go to an ear, nose and throat specialist to have your earwax cleaned.

for this job:

First you need to soften the mass of the ear.

According to your doctor’s instructions, for a few days, pour a few drops of phenytoin glycerin oil into your ear canal two to three times a day.

This oil softens the earwax and makes it easier to remove.

You will go to the doctor after a few days.

The doctor rinses the inside of your ear with a syringe filled with warm water to remove the earwax.

Then dry the outside of your ear with a clean paper towel.
Or you can gently blow dry the hair dryer inside.

Patients with diabetes or an immune system disorder should tell their doctor before doing so.

10- When should we go to the doctor?

Your hearing loss is due to an accumulation of earwax and you can hardly hear sounds, go to an ear, nose and throat specialist for a checkup.

You have ear pain or you still hear very little sound.

Some additives use tools such as keys, sharp objects, etc. to clean the ear, these are very harmful to the health of the ear and may cause serious damage to the ear.

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