Drinks for upset stomach

Drinks for upset stomach : 5 of the best drinks for the stomach

Drinks for upset stomach : 5 of the best drinks for the stomach

These drinks are very good for the stomach

You should know that unlike some drinks that upset the stomach, there are other drinks that help this vital organ.

Join us to get acquainted with stomach-friendly drinks.

upset stomach
Drinks for upset stomach

1- Vegetable juice – Drinks for upset stomach
Vegetable juice contains many minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium and water, and therefore can relieve the body of the negative effects of fatty and acidic foods such as fatty meats, sausages and so on.

The water in these drinks is also necessary for easier digestion of food.

The best drinks for better digestion of fats are carrot juice, cabbage juice, cucumber juice or horseradish juice.

Very fatty and heavy foods irritate and make the gastrointestinal mucosa vulnerable.

Carrot juice or cabbage juice are an ointment for this mucus.

You can also count on cucumber juice because it is a great diuretic.

You should know that water is also very useful for the liver and bile function.

Consumption – Drinks for upset stomach
One to two glasses of this vegetable juice before or after meals.

We recommend consuming these vegetables immediately after taking the juice so that its properties are not lost.

Note that too much acid in the body causes heartburn and bad breath.

2- Decoction of mint – Drinks for upset stomach
Peppermint decoction is rich in phenolic acid and flavonoids, which are known to relieve spasms.

This decoction promotes easy digestion of food and eliminates bloating and relieves irritability of the intestines.

King-friendly decoction is rich in flavonoids and phenolic acid, which relieves muscle cramps and gastrointestinal pain.

Finally, marjoram decoction also contains molecules that make food better digestible and make it easier to expel gas from the stomach.

Consumption- Drinks for upset stomach
One cup after each meal for 3 to 4 days.
(If you use bagged herbs, one sachet per cup of boiling water or 3 teaspoons of these herbs per cup of boiling water).

3- A cup of green tea- Drinks for upset stomach
Green tea is great for eliminating toxins from the body because it is diuretic and helps the body excrete toxins from the kidneys.

In this way, it both counteracts water retention (accumulation of water in body tissues) and removes toxins (which accumulate due to high protein intake) from the body.

Consumption- Drinks for upset stomach
One cup after each meal for a week.

Be aware that other teas, such as black tea, are acidic and can increase stomach acid, which is not suitable for sensitive stomachs.

Increased stomach acid also causes problems such as bloating, indigestion, nausea and heartburn, and gastric reflux.

So if you have a sensitive stomach, avoid drinking hot black tea, especially immediately after a meal.

for upset stomach
Drinks for upset stomach

4- Sparkling water- Drinks for upset stomach
Fatty and heavy foods increase the acidity of the stomach, which causes stomach pain.

Bicarbonate in carbonated mineral water neutralizes this excess acidity and reduces the feeling of heaviness in the stomach.

Consumption- Drinks for upset stomach
You can drink 3 cups (at different intervals) of carbonated water after eating a very heavy and fatty food.

If the amount of sodium in the water is high, two glasses of it is enough.

Be aware that water that is high in sodium is not good for everyone, especially people who have high blood pressure or who have to eliminate salt from their diet.

If you are one of these people, it is better to consult your doctor before taking it.

5- A glass of cola- Drinks for upset stomach
Drinking a little cola makes some foods easier to digest and fights diarrhea.

Of course, be careful not to overdo it because too much of it does the opposite and prevents the secretion of a digestive enzyme called “pepsin”.

When food enters the stomach, this enzyme is released to digest food.

The enzyme pepsin is responsible for digesting the protein in the food consumed.

Lack of this enzyme also leads to digestive problems such as bloating and even diarrhea.

Consumption- Drinks for upset stomach
If you have nausea or stomach pain, drink a glass of cola after a meal.

If you are worried about your fitness, use light or diet types of these drinks.

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