Drink milk before bed : The most important points

Drink milk before bed : The most important points

Here are some things you need to know about drinking milk before bed.

Drinking milk before going to bed can cause problems for some people, such as heartburn and coagulation problems.

You read the reason for this problem and its solution from a nutritionist.

Milk does not stay in the stomach long enough to spoil.

So you should not worry about its corruption in your digestive system.

When it comes to drinking milk cold, hot or lukewarm, the choice is yours.

Some people do not tolerate cold milk and others suffer from digestive problems such as bloating and heartburn by drinking warm milk.

You do not have heartburn or any other digestive problems with cold milk, there is nothing wrong with continuing this eating habit.

Another issue is about the time interval between drinking milk and sleeping; It is better to consider about half an hour between milk consumption and sleep at night to sleep more comfortably.

The last point is the appropriate time interval between eating dinner and drinking milk before going to bed.

Basic meals, such as lunch and dinner, usually contain a variety of nutrients, such as iron and zinc. Since there is talk of interfering with the absorption of divalent elements in the body, and milk is a good source of calcium, it is best to take about an hour and a half between eating dinner and drinking milk before bed to interfere with the absorption of iron, zinc.
And calcium does not occur and you can get enough of all these micronutrients.

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