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Dried Fruit : 9 of the best dried fruits for small snacks

Dried Fruit : 9 of the best dried fruits for small snacks

Dried fruits and the best snack
Looking for a tasty and healthy snack?
Buying mixed dried fruits is one of your best options.

The most important reason is that dried fruit, despite losing its juice, still retains the nutritional value of fresh fruit.

Half of it is sugar and calories, which provide the body with energy and are a good source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, organic acids and..

Mixed dried fruit is also a good option for parties and dinners, and you can even give it as a gift.

Weight loss and Fitness.

Dried Fruit

9 of the best dried fruits

  1. Dried pears
    You can brew pear chips at home for yourself and your guests, like tea, and enjoy its aroma or flavor, or take it with you to work, library, club, etc., and consume it when you feel low on energy.

Dried pear fiber, like its fresh fruit, is very useful for relieving constipation and digestive problems.

Recommended purchase of dried pears for those who have migraine headaches or nervous tension;
Because its nutrients are soothing.

Get a good night’s sleep by drinking dried pear leaves at night.

This dried fruit contains calcium and helps to build bones in growing children and eliminate calcium deficiency in the elderly.

  1. Dried persimmons
    Persimmon is a short-lived fruit and its season ends soon.
    This fruit has a special texture and taste;
    Something like dates and plums!

Dried persimmon fruit is a great option for a healthy diet.
It is similar to oranges both in color and in properties such as the abundance of vitamin C, helping to heal wounds and strengthening the immune system.
Dried persimmons are also used to make skin masks.

Dried Fruit

  1. Dried bananas
    Banana is an international and world-famous fruit.
    It is present in food, sweets, desserts, edible potions and beauty masks. An excellent source of minerals and vitamins.

However, it is harder to keep fresh than dry.
Buying dried bananas is often better than fresh bananas!
Especially if you want to take the banana with you everywhere and do not worry about it spoiling.

  1. Dried melons
    Melon is a sweet juicy summer fruit that refreshes the heart and liver.
    It also helps the kidneys and bladder to do their job well, especially in the hot season when sweating and excretion of waste products are high.

Dried melon also has detoxifying and waste disposal properties in the body and is useful for those who have kidney problems or kidney stones.
Melon chips, like other dried fruits, contain fiber and a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Kids love the taste of melon and be sure to welcome the dried fruit as well, which promotes the growth of their bones and muscles.

  1. Dried oranges
    When we hear the name of the orange fruit, we immediately think of the sour taste of orange, vitamin C and orange.

The same goes for dried oranges.

Its taste and color give it a special place in fruit nuts, and of course, like dried pineapple, it is rich in vitamin C and is effective for healing internal and external wounds of the body and treating colds and similar diseases.

Some people take effervescent tablets or Oral tablets are interested in vitamins and are used without a doctor’s prescription, so it is better to spend the same money to buy dried oranges.

Dried Fruit

6 and 7. Dried apricots and dried peaches
There is still freshness inside these fruits and they have a pleasant taste.
They have good vitamins and minerals.

  1. Dried apples
    Apple is the fruit of paradise;
    That is, it is so full of properties that it is as if it came from heaven. And it is so necessary and useful for health that they have named the quality certificate of food “health apple”.

Just as you should not skip eating fresh apple fruit, you should not neglect buying dried apples.

Buy, smell, brew or bite dried apples!

Dried Fruit

  1. Mix dried fruits
    So far, we have talked about the benefits of dried fruit and eight separate items, but if you want to have the nutritional value of all of them together, choose to buy mixed dried fruit.

10 dried fruits: apple, orange, melon, persimmon, peach , kiwi, pear, plum and pineapple.

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