Does jump rope burn fat

Does jump rope burn fat

Does jump rope burn fat : Jump rope benefits

– If you’re tired of going to a gym, or home fitness equipment, you might want to try the jump rope.

A jump rope is a low-cost exercise that can be performed in a small space.

Jump rope for heart

In the jump rope, the circulatory and respiratory system is strengthened through aerobic activity and is prepared to take daily activities.
this is a basic act of strengthening the muscles of the body.
When you rotate, the heart rate rises so that you can
Hear it beat up to 160 to 180 beats per minute.
The amount of oxygen consumed is also 60-80% maximum oxygen consumption or more.

Jump rope fat loss
A jump rope is an excellent way to burn excess body fat. According to the National Institutes of Health, every hour of the jump rope burns about 570 kilocalories of energy.

This fun sport has a wide variety of sports techniques and even has a global federation.

It’s interesting to know that every minute of a rope per person plays an average of about 10 to 12 kilocalories of energy per person.

does jump rope burn fat

Jump rope for heart and jump rope benefits - Jump rope fat loss
Does jump rope burn fat

People who should not use the jump rope

Of course, it should be noted that the best way to fat loss is to limit the intake of food and exercise and only recommended as a supplement to the diet.

This exercise increases cardiorespiratory capacity and, due to the pressure on the lower limb bones, has anti-osteoporosis properties and enhances muscles and tendons.

Jump rope is not harmful to healthy people, but it is recommended that people who have lower limb orthopedic problems, pregnant women and other prosthetic holders, do not play rope without consulting their doctor.

Everyone can take a program in accordance with his aerobic ability, but it is suitable for non-athletes in a 5-minute walk and 1-minute rope, and one can use this set (5 minutes walk and 1-minute jump rope Shuffle) to any number it can repeat.


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Appropriate Jump rope
The first thing to do is pick a jump rope that’s comfortable for you.

The jump rope may have different types of plastic, nylon, or woolen fibers that are faster in plastic ropes and professional athletes like boxers use it, but the rope’s gender does not make a difference in your performance.

So choose your rope according to your taste, but be sure to buy one item and the length of the jump rope.

does jump rope burn fat
Does jump rope burn fat

Conclusion : Jump rope for heart and jump rope benefits

You must find a good jump rope before you can do anything.

The length of the jump rope varies from 180 cm to 335 cm. The taller you are, the tall jump rope you need.

Jump rope for two seconds to start for 30 seconds. Note that when you do, your hands should be rotated and the height of your feet should not be too high.

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