Diet to lower cholesterol

Diet to lower cholesterol

Diet to lower cholesterol : Contrary to popular beliefs,
Our body needs cholesterol to be healthy,
But not every cholesterol.

Good HDL cholesterol should be separated from bad LDL cholesterol.

Good cholesterol builds up cell walls and membranes,
Useful for sex and psychological hormones.

But high levels of bad blood cholesterol,
Endangering health,
Can cause atherosclerosis,
It eventually leads to a heart attack.

Bad blood cholesterol is high in some people,
So they need to pay more attention to their diet.

While others have no such problems and live easier.

However, it is important to try to keep your blood cholesterol levels as low as possible.

You need to be careful about eating different foods that increase your cholesterol levels.

Meat- diet to lower cholesterol

Avoid fatty meats such as beef.

Instead of red meat, put white meat such as chicken and turkey on the top of your diet.

Separate the skin of these meats.

Salmon, tuna or sardines are the best options.

These fish are fatty but contain good cholesterol like walnuts.

Fish is one of the healthiest foods so do not neglect it.

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diet to lower cholesterol            Diet to lower cholesterol

Dairy products and eggs- diet to lower cholesterol

If your cholesterol is high,
And following the anti-cholesterol diet,
Be careful with high-fat milk, cream, cheese and egg yolk.

Of course, you do not need to completely deprive yourself of these foods.

In fact, you can’t stop eating these foods.

Better try,
Use more vegetable milk,
Reduce your consumption of eggs and cheese, not cutting them off completely.

Instead of red meat,
Make white meals such as chicken and turkey a priority in your diet.

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Butter- diet to lower cholesterol

An anti-cholesterol diet should reduce butter consumption.

In preparing your food instead of butter,
For example: Use vegetable margarine.

Butter, mayonnaise, margarine contain a lot of fat,
Peanut butter also contains hydrogenated oils.

So you should avoid this food as much as you can,
Because they will not benefit you in any way.

However, oils like olive oil,
Canola oil contains healthy fats and
That keep your heart in a better state.

In any case, avoid fatty foods.

Ready-made and industrial food

In today’s industrialized world of ready-made food,
They force their canning on people.

But beware of such foods.

Most prepared and industrial foods, especially those that are heated, are made with hydrogenated oils and trans fatty acids,
Increases bad blood cholesterol.

We recommend avoiding such foods as much as you can.

Also avoid foods that are too fat and too sweet, especially those that contain hydrogenated oils.

Refined sugars and starches- diet to lower cholesterol

Refined sugars and refined carbohydrates,
Like white rice, breads and pastas made from white flour, avoid.

High blood cholesterol is recommended for you to avoid.

You should eat whole-grain breads.

Of course no worries,
With proper diet this problem can be solved.

Most industrial and ready-made foods,
especially those that are heated,
They are made with hydrogenated oils,
and trans fatty acids,
which can increase bad blood cholesterol.

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