Diet bodybuilding

Diet bodybuilding: : what is the perfect diet for bodybuilding?

Diet bodybuilding:

Diet during bodybuilding – what is the perfect diet for bodybuilding?

Foods are extremely important

Diet bodybuilding : If you are a beginner in bodybuilding and looking for a beginner bodybuilding diet, I must tell you that you will not grow up with your supplement, but with dieting, it will.

You need good food to grow, and diet is the key to your success. Exercise and exercise without a diet are unaffected by proper bodybuilding, and it is no longer important to emphasize that your diet should be perfect in order to get somewhere.

I’ve seen people who don’t get anywhere after years of exercise.

Because their diet was not purposeful during bodybuilding and all the time they spent at the club was wasted, it should not have been. Eat right and eat a lot.

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Have a realistic view -Diet bodybuilding

The first and foremost thing in beginner bodybuilding and advanced bodybuilding diet is to be realistic. When designing a diet, you need to make sure that you not only schedule your meals into your daily schedule but also be able to prepare meals for those meals in advance. You also need to have a realistic view of the volume of food you want to eat, especially during the volume. Most newcomers during the weight-loss period make the decision to eat a lot, but as they get older, they eventually miss scheduled meals and work breaks down. Eat food.

Count your calories in your bodybuilding diet -Diet bodybuilding
Whether you are a beginner or advanced bodybuilder, you need to be careful. If your goal is to get a great body, it is not enough to act. The problem is not calorie counting of everything you eat, but planning for what you eat and diet is important in the body. To begin with, it may be best to design and use a few meals from scratch, so don’t be distracted or have the right plan in advance so you don’t have to plan your meals every day. Always have some food plans in place for your day and stick to them.

beginner bodybuilding diet
Diet bodybuilding

Lack of diet planning in the gym means planning for failure -Diet bodybuilding

You need to plan – not just to eat, but to make sure the meal is ready at the right time. The most important thing to note is to prepare the night before. Pack and use the microwave when desired. If you can prepare whole-day meals from scratch, there will be no excuse for skipping meals and adhering to your meal plan.

Beginner bodybuilding diet plan -Diet bodybuilding

The early stages of bodybuilding are the best opportunity for strength and volume gain. Due to the freshness of the exercise condition, your body responds to it quickly and gets used to it. You can expect to gain between 3.5 and 5 kg/month with proper exercise.

Coarse-grained ratios at the time of volume

Fats, proteins, and carbohydrates are called macronutrients. The ideal diet ratio for most people is as follows: -Diet bodybuilding

• Protein: 40%

• Carbohydrates: 40%

• Fat: 20%

If you follow these ratios, calculate the calories you need, you will automatically receive the right amount of everything you need and adhere to the principles of proper bodybuilding. It is common for endomorphs to reduce fat by up to 10% and increase protein and carbohydrate evenly. The most important aspect of a beginner bodybuilding diet is calorie intake. To build muscle, you need 1 to 5 calories per kilogram of your body weight. This means that a 5-pound athlete will need about 5 to 5 calories a day. Lower this amount of calorie intake on non-exercise days.

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calories in your bodybuilding diet
Diet bodybuilding

Water -Diet bodybuilding
The reason you need water -Diet bodybuilding

The body, and especially the muscles, are made up of water. There are no muscles without water, so you should always keep your body full of water. You also need water to get your body working properly and deliver nutrients to your muscles properly, as well as for hundreds of other reasons, especially during bodybuilding and dieting.

How much water do I need? -Diet bodybuilding

You need at least 3 liters of water a day. For some, it looks great because they have never had enough water but this is the minimum amount of water consumed.

You need water to grow in the principles of proper bodybuilding, do not lose yourself. In addition, don’t be fooled by saying that I drank 500ml of milk, which is some water; it’s a trap, drink at least 3 liters of “water” a day. From the moment you feel thirsty, you are actually severely dehydrated, so get rid of it as soon as possible.

Proteins in the diet during bodybuilding

Proteins are one of the key components in building muscle and getting into a beginner and advanced bodybuilding diet. In fact, muscle is made of protein and water, so without protein, you would not have muscle. Protein is made up of amino acids, which the body uses in many ways. Not only is it important to consume enough protein, but you should eat it regularly and from the right sources to make sure that you are not lacking at all times of the day.

Types of proteins -Diet bodybuilding

When you look at protein intake and the types of protein you need to consume, you are likely to be confused not only about the protein in your diet, but also when you want to use protein supplements (here’s where you can Really confusing).

As a general dietary guideline during bodybuilding, foods such as steak and chicken contain proteins that are of average longevity. Here are some of the different types of complementary proteins we have described in the supplements section.

The main thing to know about proper bodybuilding principles is that every protein is not just a protein. Protein has different types that need to be used in different times. This is the main reason why our meals are split because the body can only absorb a certain amount of time and the rest is wasted.

How does your body consume protein? -Diet bodybuilding

Some people know that they are in advanced bodybuilding, but I say this for beginners to consider when setting up a beginner bodybuilding diet. Your body uses protein to repair and rebuild muscle as well as build new muscles. We don’t need to get into the science and chemicals, what you need to understand is that your body needs a steady stream of ready-to-eat proteins. It is better for your body to have too much protein than it is to have a protein deficiency because the body itself simply removes waste.

With a simple two to two to four, we find that most proteins do not last more than 8 hours in the body and that your body consumes most of the protein when you are resting and recovering from bedtime. So when you are asleep, you are likely to have protein deficiency at the end of the night.

So the obvious answer is to consume the most durable protein possible for your bodybuilding diet, this type of casein protein. The most convenient food source from which you can get this protein is an egg that is good at the basics of proper bodybuilding. Cottage cheese is also one of the main ones in this category. But to get the best results, you should eat them before bedtime.

On the other hand, you should consume a little protein immediately after waking up, as you will undoubtedly be deficient. Another solution is to wake up in the middle of the night and eat a protein shake about two o’clock in the afternoon. It helps a lot. Just be sure to prepare it in advance, because you certainly do not want to interrupt your sleep too much while you are asleep and recover.

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How much protein do I need in a beginner and advanced bodybuilding diet plan? -Diet bodybuilding

The answer depends largely on who you ask, but consuming more protein is better than taking the risk and consuming less.

If you keep ratios of 20, 40, 40 for protein, carbohydrate and fat, then it will be appropriate regardless of the amount of calories you consume.

Another way to calculate the amount of protein you want to eat during your workout at the gym is that you need at least 2 to 3 grams of protein per kilogram of your body weight. This means that an 80 kg person should consume at least 160 – 240 grams of protein per day.

When do I consume protein?

Protein is needed at the following intervals: -Diet bodybuilding

2 midnight, shake bedtime (casein protein)

This chic gives your body the opportunity to get the essential nutrients you need to recover and eliminates the risk of staying proteinless overnight.

Stylish Breakfast (Wei Protein) -Diet bodybuilding

Whey protein is the best start to the day. However, if you have enough protein in your breakfast, you do not need to take supplements in the principles of proper bodybuilding. But it’s a good start for a day because you’ll be sure to take a positive step for protein early in the morning.

• After exercise (“Isolated” protein) -Diet bodybuilding

Isolated Wei Protein is the most attractive type of Wei and allows you to fill your muscles very quickly. Consuming the “We Isolate” protein after exercise is crucial because the body needs it urgently.

• Before bedtime (casein protein)-Diet bodybuilding

This stylish protein allows you to maintain the highest levels of protein in your body at rest when you need it most.

Carbohydrates -Diet bodybuilding
Carbohydrates are the body’s energy source. Some people reduce their carbohydrate intake to lose weight during their bodybuilding diet. But with proper calorie management, there is no need to use this rigid rule. However, there are some rules that need to be implemented in a timely manner, and sometimes carbohydrates are quite critical.

Without carbohydrates, it burns your body fat and muscles as a source of energy, and the last thing you want to do is burn off the muscles you have barely gained.

Carbohydrates in foods

Low GI -Diet bodybuilding

Low-GI carbohydrates (glycemic index) (in essence, means slow carbohydrate intake and is a key part of any diet. Slow energy release prevents excessive insulin secretion (severe insulin secretion in GI carbohydrates) High can eventually make them fat.) Examples of these foods with a low GI include: -Diet bodybuilding

calories in your bodybuilding diet
Diet bodybuilding

• potato

• Oatmeal

• Brown rice

• Whole wheat bread

• Whole wheat pasta

• Green vegetables

High GI -Diet bodybuilding

This generally includes all the foods that contain sugar and sweeteners. They should be avoided at all costs, they are high in fat and should never be part of your diet. Examples:

• White bread

• White rice

• White sugar

• fast food

• Sugar drinks

• Sweets

Schedule carbohydrate intake -Diet bodybuilding

Carbohydrates as part of your breakfast are absolutely essential. You need this fuel to meet your fuel needs throughout the day, especially when your carbohydrates are low.

Another time you need carbohydrates is right after exercise. At this point, glycogen stores are completely depleted. So you should do this immediately to maximize your recovery. Not as hard as it sounds.

One common thing they do after exercise is to eat a little bit of isolated protein with milk. Although carbohydrates in milk are not ideal, they greatly help replenish glycogen stores. Along with this method, if it is possible for you, consuming oatmeal is also a quick and easy way to do this.

As a general rule, you should try to avoid carbohydrates after a workout, however, it will largely depend on your daily schedule, and if you are exercising in the morning, it will not work.

High glucose and insulin secretion -Diet bodybuilding

Sugar can dramatically increase your blood insulin levels. This is because it causes pancreatic glands to produce more insulin. Insulin keeps your body from consuming fat as an energy source – so even if your calorie intake is lower than your daily requirement, you can still stop your fat burning by simply choosing the wrong carbohydrate.

Most people do not realize that there is sugar in almost everything processed, and you should strive to consume at most 40 grams per day. You should try to minimize this, as sugar can easily become fat. Nothing is more fattening than sugar.

Fats in the diet during bodybuilding -Diet bodybuilding
The basics

Your body needs fat to survive. Plus, it’s an important part of your diet because without fat it’s hard to get the calories you need for your daily fuel because each gram of fat is 9 calories, while carbohydrates and proteins are 4 calories…

Fats are needed to grow and stay in the muscle, and it has been scientifically proven that fats increase endurance by 40 to 60 percent. Fats are necessary, but they are the right type and amount.

Useful fats

Some of the fats you should try to incorporate into your diet as early as possible are monounsaturated fat), these fats help reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol and help in general, polyunsaturated fats with unsaturated fats appear in foods. Unsaturated fats often contribute greatly to the supply of omega-3 fatty acids, which greatly aids brain function and other beneficial benefits.

The best sources of fats to include in your bodybuilding diet plan are:

• Olive oil) It tastes like sunscreen, and should be taken with something (

• Nuts

• fish oil

• Yolk

Harmful fat

There are various types of harmful fats, but they generally fall into the category of saturated fats and trans and hydrogenated fats. Saturated fats are usually found in fast food and fast foods and have very little nutritional value. These foods increase bad cholesterol and are usually eventually stored as fat in the body. Try to avoid saturated fats as much as possible.

Trans fats are the worst type of fat available. In some countries, they are not even shown on the labels (usually only generally described as fats). Trans fats have absolutely no nutritional value and should be avoided completely.

To avoid these bad fats, try to limit the consumption of processed foods in your diet and avoid fast foods.


Bad cholesterol can lead to heart disease and other dangerous diseases. It is usually caused by the consumption of bad fats such as saturated and trans fats. Avoid eating hula hoops in your beginner bodybuilding diet and you can generally be sure that you are not consuming bad cholesterol.

Good cholesterol comes from eating good fats, such as egg yolk, which has been shown to help improve and repair muscle. This way, you need to make sure you are consuming the right fats and that your cholesterol is automatically controlled.

Scheduling Fat Diets during Your Bodybuilding Period

Fats have a very similar function to carbohydrates, but fats are an energy source that is much slower absorbed. That’s why your dietary fat intake should be as early in the body as possible. You do not need a specific schedule for fat consumption, but it is a good idea to split your intake throughout the day and try not to eat any fat after 5 pm.

Introducing useful foods for bodybuilding

In addition to the vitamins and things mentioned above to help you become more familiar with the right foods that can be used during bodybuilding to increase muscle mass and increase endurance, it is best to include in the volume diet. I’ll give you an example.

• Beet juice for endurance

• Honey for sustainability

• Pea protein to delay fatigue

• Blueberries to reduce inflammation (blueberry(

• Cherries to fight back pain and regain strength

• Watermelon to relieve muscle pain

• Salmon for muscle building

• Pomegranates for muscle recovery

• Coffee for energy the next day

• Leek water to reduce DNA damage

• Bitter chocolate to limit exercise stress

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