Diagnosis of AIDS

Diagnosis of AIDS significant progress

Diagnosis of AIDS significant progress :

A new way to quickly diagnose AIDS with a mobile phone

The most obvious sign of AIDS is the weakening of the body’s immune system over time.

As a result, the body prepares for infections and cancers that are not normally seen in normal people, such as lung disease, severe and chronic diarrhea, prolonged fever, weight loss, personality disorders, brain and skin diseases.

Which will eventually lead to the death of the person living with AIDS.

Weight loss of more than 10%, chronic diarrhea for more than a month, and intermittent or persistent fever for more than a month are the main symptoms of AIDS.

Until now, doctors have diagnosed AIDS by testing it in a laboratory, but recently researchers at Columbia University in New York have developed a device that attaches to cell phones and has a plastic case that sampled A person’s blood is placed inside it.

To use the device, the user must press his thumb on it.
As a result of this pressure, the skin of the hand is cut off and a drop of blood enters the chamber.
On the other hand, the chamber moves and a set of reagents (identifiers) that are already inside the chamber are released.

This device receives the electrical power needed to collect and send information through the voice input of the mobile phone that is connected to it.

Researchers believe that this device can replace the traditional method of diagnosing infectious diseases.
At present, an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is used to diagnose this type of disease, and the equipment required to do so costs about $ 18,000; While the cost of producing the equipment needed to diagnose the disease using a mobile phone is about $ 34.

Using this method, in addition to AIDS, syphilis can be diagnosed in 15 minutes.

Diagnosis of AIDS

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