Delicious breakfast

Delicious breakfast

Delicious breakfast

6 breakfasts for those who do not eat breakfast!
Delicious breakfast
: If the experience of repetitive breakfasts makes you bored of eating breakfast or you are always in a hurry, you do not have time to eat breakfast, here are six delicious, instant and different breakfast recipes for you.

Hot apple and cinnamon puree
Delicious breakfast
  1. Hot apple and cinnamon puree
    To prepare a hot and delicious apple puree, you need 19 minutes to prepare the ingredients and five minutes to cook.
    It is enough to put the necessary ingredients for cooking this puree, which includes 50 grams of pureed barley, 200 ml of semi-skimmed milk, a chopped apple, some cinnamon.

Then pour all of the above into a frying pan and stir until it boils.
Then turn down the heat and, while it is still boiling, continue stirring for another five minutes.
After this, turn off the stove.
Pour the puree into a bowl and add some cinnamon and serve.

Healthy body…

  1. Mixed eggs with whole grain Testing
    Scrambled eggs with wholemeal Testing can take only five minutes to prepare and five minutes to cook.

Ingredients for this delicious breakfast include:
Two eggs, four tablespoons of semi-skimmed milk, two whole-grain Testing sheets, some black pepper and some butter or low-fat butter,
some onions
To make this exciting breakfast, simply mix the milk and eggs in a bowl slowly.
Pour the low-fat butter or any other low-fat oil available into the pan and then add the milk and egg mixture.

Cook over medium-high heat and stir gently until soft and fluffy.
Then place the mixed egg between whole grain toast or barley toast and add some onion (optional) and black pepper.
Barley bread and whole grain breads with eggs can be a great breakfast for those who like to try new flavors.

Trick: To make a green egg, you can combine the egg with a handful or about 40 grams of spinach.

  1. Greek yogurt and fruit mix
    One of the most delicious breakfasts with which you can encourage others to eat breakfast is a combination of Greek yogurt and a variety of fruits.
    The best fruits that can be added to Greek yogurt are strawberries and berries.
    You can also add a mixture of nuts to Greek yogurt to make your breakfast more nutritious.
    This breakfast, in particular, contains high amounts of protein, which can be a good option for athletes and provide the necessary protein to prevent them from starving during the day.
    This breakfast also takes only about five minutes to prepare and prepare, which is a great time for busy people.
  2. Green Smoothie
    It only takes five minutes to make a green smoothie.
    To make this smoothie, you need 40 grams of chopped mango, 40 grams of chopped peaches, 40 grams of frozen spinach, a medium banana and 200 ml of water.

Green smoothies are the best way to provide energy for busy people who drink quickly and do not need to chew.
Just pour all the above ingredients together in a blender and add the required amount of water to achieve the necessary consistency.

Trick: Instead of using fresh fruit, you can use frozen fruit.
Tip: Limit your daily juice and smoothie to 150 ml per day.

  1. Banana and oatmeal smoothie
    Joey Doosar has long found its special place in breakfast and has proven itself by having nutrients, and the reasons for its daily consumption are given in this article.
    In addition to having a variety of minerals and vitamins, bananas also give a smooth taste to the smoothie, which is pleasant for many.
    Ingredients for making this smoothie include a ripe banana, two tablespoons of oatmeal and 100 ml of skim milk.
    You can also use soy milk instead of milk.
    Pour these ingredients into the blender and do not turn off the machine until they are smooth and even.
    Then pour 150 ml of this smoothie into a glass and drink.
    It is not allowed to drink more than 150 ml of fruit juice and smoothie per day.
  2. Roll of bread, cheese and vegetables
    All you have to do is have a handful of plain whole wheat bread with your favorite vegetables to make one of the most delicious and instant breakfasts in the world.

Put any type of cheese that you like the taste more than others and it must be prepared from a well-known and standard brand on the bread and spread it with a wide knife.
Making low-salt cheese can be a good idea for you.

Then, among the pieces of tomatoes, cucumbers, pitted olives and a variety of vegetables such as spinach, put the options you like most on the cheese.
It is better to sprinkle dried mint powder or other spices on tomatoes or cucumbers.
Then roll the bread and enjoy a breakfast rich in vitamins and fiber.

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