deep sleep

Deep sleep

Deep sleep

The best exercises and stretching exercises before bed
Deep sleep : You often need to do stretching exercises before going to bed because doing a few simple exercises along with drinking a sedative and hypnotic drink and using vegetable oils;
Helps to have a restful sleep and makes you fall asleep faster and improve the quality of your sleep.
In this part of updatebody, the best night stretching exercises are introduced and help you prepare for a great deep sleep.

deep sleep

Do you do stretching exercises before going to bed?
According to several studies, between meditation movements (yoga and tai chi) and better deep sleep;
There is a relationship and this increase in sleep quality is related to a better quality of life.
Stretching helps you adjust to your body and breathing instead of focusing on anything annoying that happened that day.
Awareness of the body can also lead you to awareness, which is not only a great way to take care of yourself, but also helps you sleep better and with better quality.

Stretching also has benefits for the body, helping to relieve muscle soreness, pressure and cramps in the legs that may occur during sleep.

Training stretching exercises before bed for deep sleep
Note that before doing stretching exercises, do not try to do intense exercises and do them slowly.
High-intensity exercise will keep you awake, and this is not what we are looking for in this article.

1- Bear hugs exercise
This stretching movement engages the upper back muscles, which will help relieve the discomfort of the shoulder blade or the pain that occurs after standing or sitting badly.

To do this, first stand up straight and breathe in as you open and spread your arms, exhale as you fold your arms, and place your right arm on your left arm and turn to the right, as if That you want to hug yourself while slowly moving your arms forward;
Take a deep breath.
Hold this position for 30 seconds and exhale and repeat this movement with your left arm.

2- neck rotation exercise
If you are looking to relieve pressure on your head, shoulders and neck, this movement is for you.
Be careful to stand properly when doing this movement and keep your neck straight.

To do this, sit on a chair or stand up straight, then place your right hand over your head or bring it close to your ear.
Gently bring your right ear to your right shoulder and hold for 5 seconds, then return to your original position and do the opposite in the opposite direction, keeping your body forward.
Return to your right shoulder.
Bend your chin down to your chest and hold for 5 seconds, then return to normal and allow your head to slowly bend back.

deep sleep

3- Child’s Pose
This is the main yoga movement for breathing exercises and is ideal for the body because it is relaxing and reduces stress.
Also great for back, shoulder and neck pressure exercises.

To do this, sit on your knees and lean back on your heels, bend your hips forward and place your forearms on the floor, stretching your arms in front of your body to support your neck.
You can also use a pillow or duvet under the thighs or forearms.
Take a deep breath while maintaining this position.
Focus on the parts of your body that are in pain, discomfort or cramping and hold for 5 minutes.

You can do this between other movements to give your body a break.


4- Move forward by sitting
This exercise is one of the best for relaxing the shoulders, spine and hamstrings, which also gives good traction to your back.

To do this, sit and stretch your legs, bend slowly and bring your arms in front of you and slowly lower your head to feel your chin close to your chest and hold this position for 5 minutes.

5- legs- up-the-wall-pose
This yoga movement is to relieve pressure on the neck, back and shoulders.
Suppose you are walking on the roof to do this exercise comfortably.

Sit to your right against the wall, lying on the floor with your feet up and against the wall.
For comfort, you can put a pillow under your pelvis and rest your arms as you are comfortable and stay in this position for 5 minutes.

6- butterfly position yoga
This is a great exercise for the buttocks and inside the thighs.
In this exercise, you should relax your body and allow it to bend.

To do this, first sit down and straighten your neck, bend your knees and press the soles of your feet together, gently bend forward from the pelvis.
When lowering the elbow, make sure it is flat, hold it for 15-30 seconds, and apply pressure to your thighs until you feel comfortable, then return to the original position after 30 seconds and If you wish, you can repeat these steps 2-4 times.

deep sleep

7- Seated side stretch movement
Relax your sides a little before going to bed. Be prepared to feel this in your back and abdomen as well.

Sit flat on the floor and place your feet on top of each other with your back straight and your head and spine aligned;
Put your hands next to you.
Press one of your arms on your head and the other on the ground. While placing your arm above your head, gently bend your torso to the side, stay in this position for 15-30 seconds, and then relax for 30 seconds.
If you wish, you can repeat this exercise 2-4 times for each side.

8- figure 4 stretch
As mentioned in the previous articles on exercise and moist health, this is a great stretch, especially after running, and it helps you fall asleep easily and wake up easily.

You should lie on the floor or bed, bend both legs and place the right calf bone just above the left knee.
In this case, your legs will be like the number 4. Grasp your left thigh with both hands and gently pull your knee toward your chest and stay in this position for 20 seconds.

You can repeat this 5 times on each side before returning to the starting position.

9- knee to chest
In this exercise, you should lie on the ground to easily feel the stretch in your limbs.
Target your hips and waist by bending your knees in your abdomen.

First lie down and stretch your legs, keep your left leg on the floor and gently pull your right thigh towards your abdomen, hold for 20 seconds and repeat with the other side. You can do this 5 times for each side.


10- Spinal rotation movement
Prepare yourself for a comfortable sleep by rotating your upper body. You will feel this stretch in the central muscles of your body, chest, shoulders and whole back.

Lie down and bend your knees slightly closer than 90 degrees to your hips, keeping your knees and feet close together.
Spread your arms to the sides to form a T and place your hips and shoulders in the same direction.

Turn and hold your head and spine to the right, and at the same time you should turn your head to the left.
Hold this position for 15-30 seconds before returning to the starting position and repeating it with the opposite side.
If you need more stretching, repeat this exercise 3 times for each side.

11- Stretching the flexor muscle of the quadriceps
This stretch relaxes the muscles in your back and shoulders, as well as helping to reduce their pain.

To do this, kneel in front of a chair, couch, or bed, making sure your knees are just below your hips.
If necessary, you can put a blanket or pillow under your knee for more support.

Place your arms on the desired surface and bend your spine forward as far as you can.
While doing this, place the palms of your hands facing each other. Hold this exercise for 30 seconds and repeat it 3 times.

Tips for stretching exercises for deep sleep
Warm up your body first and do the exercises because warm muscles will work best.
You can even take a hot shower before training.
Have controlled breathing.
Slow, rhythmic breathing increases relaxation and helps you stretch for a good amount of time. Try to keep each stretching movement rhythmic for at least 6-10 deep breaths.
Exercise lightly because strenuous exercise at night raises your body temperature and strengthens and stimulates you, which is not our goal , This can affect your sleep and even cause insomnia.
If you feel pain or discomfort between each movement, hold your hand because night stretches should not hurt you.
Pain is usually a sign that you have exercised a little.


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