Deep breath

Deep breath

Deep breath

The easiest and best way to lose weight fast by taking deep breaths
Deep breath : Weight loss will not always be achieved by eating a salad and going to the gym regularly, but optimal fitness can be achieved through simple deep breathing.
A combination of simple physical exercises, deep breathing can help eliminate excess fat and good results.

As we do them, our bodies fill up with more oxygen, which helps us absorb nutrients and speed up the body’s metabolism.

Different breathing models
deep breath

Different breathing models for slimming and weight loss
We have introduced several types of breathing exercises in updatebody that do not take much time and require the use of a bottle by taking deep breaths.

  1. Bottle breathing practice
    This exercise is a combination of the famous body flexibility breathing exercises and the famous Frolov training.
    All you need is an empty plastic bottle.

Initial position
Place all four hands and feet and press the bottle between your teeth.

what should we do
Inhale and exhale slowly. Use diaphragmatic breathing.

Breathe in through your nose, then blow air into the bottle, while bending your diaphragm and abdominal muscles.

Do 15 of these exhalations simply and simply repeat the exercise for 10 to 15 minutes without counting.

Important: Exercise carefully, so as not to get dizzy!
If you feel tired, rest and then return to practice.

  1. Breathe lion
    Although this exercise may seem a little silly, it is very good for your neck and helps to eliminate wrinkles.

Initial position
Prepare yourself for yoga, kneel and relax on your hips.

what should we do
Place your palms between your feet and on a flat surface.

Inhale through the nose, then exhale loudly through the mouth while making “haha sounds”.

When exhaling, open your mouth and bring your tongue as close to your chin as possible.
The neck, chin and facial muscles should feel the tension.
Finally, breathe.
Repeat this 4 to 6 times.

  1. Raise your leg and pull
    This exercise affects the abdominal muscles, strengthens the lower back muscles and improves physical condition.

Initial position
Lie on a yoga mat, raise your knees and stretch your legs properly.

what should we do
Place the palm of your hand on the floor on either side of the pelvis.

Put your hands behind your back and straighten your elbows. Take two breaths.

While open, lift your legs at a 90-degree angle to the ground and stay in that position for 15 to 20 seconds.
Breathe in a normal rhythm.

In your next breath, after 15 to 20 seconds, lower your legs so that they are at a 60-degree angle to the ground.
Hold this position for about a minute and breathe in a normal rhythm.

When holding your breath for one minute, lower your feet to a 30-degree angle.
Stay in this position for 30 seconds to a minute and breathe in a normal rhythm.

And gently place your feet on the floor.

  1. Boat gesture
    This exercise involves all the muscles of your abdomen.

Initial position
Sit on a comfortable mat and bend your knees.

what should we do
Extend your arms toward your legs and lean back.

Engage your muscles and straighten your arms.

Stretch and lift your legs straight and shape your body into a v-shape.

Hold V for 15 to 20 seconds and do not forget to breathe slowly

Repeat 3-4 times.

5.Cool breathing
This exercise gives you control over hunger and thirst and cools your body and mind.

Initial position
Cross-legged to feel comfortable.

what should we do
Hold the tongue up and roll it

Inhale through the tongue.
Start with a 4-second breath and exhale through your nostrils for 6 seconds.

Do this exercise for 5 minutes.

6.Fifer Scissors Exercise
This exercise strengthens your abdominal muscles and helps to flatten the abdomen and strengthens the whole core of the body.

Initial position
Lie on a yoga pad and put your feet together.

what should we do
Place your palms under your hips, place your head on the floor, and press your back to the floor.

Do a cycle of inhaling and exhaling and pausing.

Lift your feet off the ground and then lower your right foot a few inches below the pad.

Raise your right leg and lower your left leg in the same way (imagine working with scissors).

Repeat 6-7 times, then breathe and relax.

How deep breathing helps you lose weight
Breathing exercises not only keep you healthy but also help you lose fat on top of your abdominal muscles.
Breathing exercises also improve digestion and metabolism.

Deep breathing increases the body’s oxygen supply, and this extra oxygen that is given to the body helps to burn excess fat in the body. Deep breathing improves blood circulation and relaxes the abdominal muscles.

Tips for weight loss by breathing
Breathing detoxifies the body.
If you know the human body releases 70% of toxins through respiration.
Shallow breathing accumulates toxins in the body that can lead to the development of the disease over time.

  1. Diaphragm breathing
    One of the most effective exercises for weight loss is diaphragmatic breathing, which makes the abdominal muscles flexible.
    Involving the diaphragm while breathing increases the capacity of your lungs.
    It is also one of the best exercises to soften your muscles.

To do this exercise, lie on the floor and watch your chest and abdomen go up and down.
With every deep breath you take, you can do it at any time of the day, but not after you have eaten.

  1. Skull breathing
    This method strengthens the abdominal muscles and relieves breathing problems.
    To do this exercise, sit in a comfortable position and take deep breaths and keep the abdominal muscles even while you are exhaling. You can do this 10 times and breathe normally for 5 seconds.
    Repeat the whole process three times.
  2. Abdominal breathing
    This abdominal breathing focuses on the diaphragm and the muscles under the lungs.
    This exercise increases your endurance and energy and also helps to treat anxiety problems.
    This exercise should not be done for a specific period of time for the whole day.

You can sit or stand, try to calm your mind and think of nothing in any way you feel comfortable, put your hand on your abdomen, your thumb should be close the navel is in the abdomen, your chest should not be lifted and the abdomen should be expanded when you exercise.

taking deep breaths
deep breath
  1. Oral breathing
    When you breathe through your mouth, you touch the abdominal muscles, it gives you a feeling of relaxation and freshness, but it helps you lose your fat.
    By doing this exercise, you not only get rid of unwanted fat.
    You are released around the abdomen, but you also change your cheeks and chin.

To do this exercise, open your mouth and breathe through your mouth while counting 10 breaths and exhales.
Exhalation time should be twice the inhalation time.
You can practice for 10 minutes three times a day.

Techniques that help you lose weight

  1. Breathe slowly
    Gently inhale through your nose six times and exhale slowly from your lungs.
    Sit up straight while breathing and make sure you are in a clean, quiet space with your eyes closed.
    This helps you get rid of any stress on a daily basis and prepare for weight loss.
  2. Try intermittent breathing
    Sit up straight and place your index finger between your eyebrows and your right thumb in the nostril.
    Breathe deeply through the other nostril and then repeat with the other nostril.
    This technique will help cleanse your system.
    Eventually loses a little weight.
  3. Deep breathing
    Inhale slowly into your lungs and then exhale slowly through your nose.
    When you feel your lungs are completely full, repeat this 0 to 15 times.
    This breathing technique increases energy levels and endurance.
    It helps especially during training.
  4. Suction breathing
    Consider a position with your hands and knees on the floor and expel air from your lungs.
    Now keep your lungs dilated without breathing.
    Hold this position for ten seconds and release your breath slowly.

How to start breathing better with weight loss

  1. Take a small, gentle breath through your nose and exhale in the same way.
  2. Hold your nose with your finger to prevent air from entering the lungs.
  3. Count the seconds until you feel the first urge to breathe. (With this desire to breathe, you may feel that the first involuntary movements of your respiratory muscles may shake and the area around your neck may contract).
  4. Release your nose and breathe through it.

Deep breath slimming

  1. Place one hand on your chest and the other just above your navel to help you breathe.
  2. Do the tail and gently guide your abdomen outward.

Exhale and gently guide your abdomen inward.

  1. Observe the breathing pattern and pay attention to the size and depth of each breath.
  2. Apply gentle pressure with your hands to slightly reduce breathing movements.
  3. Consider a breath smaller or shorter than you like.
  4. Breathe in slowly and comfortably.
  5. Do not stiffen your body, hold your breath and breathe slowly.
  6. deep breath

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