death in sports

death in sports

Investigating the causes of sudden death in sports and how to prevent it

Preventing sudden death in sports has become very important in recent years.
Cardiologists are the people who are most involved in this research.

There is a lot of news about athletes who lost their lives while exercising on news sites and social networks.
As a result, many experts have talked about different ways to prevent sudden death in sports, but is it possible?

Is there a way we can prevent this horrible thing?

Sudden Death In Sports
death in sports

Facts About Sudden Death In Sports

Sudden death, whenever it happens, is when a healthy person’s heart suddenly stops beating during exercise or a sports game.
This happens when he apparently has no disease.

Of course, when doctors scrutinize the problem, they find that there have been problems in the background of the person’s body.
When we look at the appearance of athletes who have died suddenly, we do not seem to notice much difference between them.
However, some of them do very intense exercise and the number of deaths in them increases and one in 100,000 people may die suddenly.

Reports indicate that most of these deaths occur in the spring and evening.
Exactly when competitors are doing a lot of sports.
When an athlete dies while exercising for no apparent reason, more than 90% of the time there is an underlying cardiovascular cause that is highly dependent on their age.

This risk does not usually affect people under the age of 35, but in older people, one in 18,000 is likely to die suddenly during exercise.

Causes of sudden death in sports
Heartbeat disorder
Sudden death in or out of exercise may be due to irregular heartbeat. In this condition, the lower part of the heart beats disproportionately, and the heart itself can not pump enough blood to the tissues, resulting in blood clots.
As we explained in the previous sections on Complete Moisture, blood clots are made up of blood cells, platelets, fibrous tissue, and cholesterol.
Experts believe that when you exercise, the plaque in your arteries breaks and suddenly blocks the flow of blood.
When this happens in the main arteries that feed the heart, oxygen supply to the heart suddenly stops and death occurs.

Genetic problems – death in sports

In some cases, there are causes such as genetics that can not be prevented. However, some of them can be detected by electrocardiogram.

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Two of the genetic problems include the following:

Heart muscle disease: -death in sports

Under such conditions, heart cells are destroyed and transferred from muscle to fat. During this long journey, the vascular parts do not function properly and are damaged when you try hard.

In these patients, the wall of the heart increases in size and as a result, blood supply becomes difficult and blood cannot be distributed throughout the body. Sudden death occurs when the heart is unable to pump blood properly.

Other causes of sudden death:
Right ventricular arrhythmogenic dysplasia
Aortic aneurysm rupture (especially in cases of Marfan syndrome)
Sickle cell anemia
Aortic valve stenosis
If athletes do not have an underlying disease, the cause of sudden death can be:
Hitting hard blows to the chest during sports such as football, ice hockey, …. that leads to arrhythmia and death.

How to prevent sudden death during exercise?

Knowing the causes and ways of its occurrence has a great impact on our perspective.
The first step is to always do medical tests. Therefore, all athletes before entering professional or semi-professional sports must “see a sports doctor and cardiologist and undergo a cardiac examination. But given that cardiac examination of many of these diseases is usually normal.
A complete cardiac examination, including an ECG, echocardiogram, and exercise test, should be performed routinely on all athletes, and this screening should continue on an annual basis for people who continue to exercise, and many countries require specialized exercise. They go to the medical laboratory, and genetics play a very important role in this.

Suggestions for reducing the risk of death during exercise
Suggestions that can be given to male and female athletes to reduce these risks include:

Obesity control
Regulate blood pressure and regulate blood sugar
Lower bad cholesterol
Follow a healthy diet
Avoid alcohol and tobacco

Prevention at the social level
Having sports facilities as well as medicine is essential for people, and highly skilled athletes need to know how to help themselves and those around them in such situations.
There must be a doctor in the stadium for emergency work.

When we look at the available statistics, we realize that sudden death in sports occurs in a few cases, but it is still possible.

It is generally less likely to occur in middle-aged people, but is more likely to occur in people over 50 who do strenuous exercise.
That is why the age group is so important in this regard.
These people should have regular checkups and their cardiovascular status should be checked.

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