daily workout

daily workout

daily workout

How to make daily workout habit?
daily workout : Having a fitness routine is definitely exciting.
Undoubtedly, we all love waking up early in the morning, going to the gym before work and physical activity, but we do not succeed in doing so.

You may have energy and motivation in the first week, but gradually you give up this procedure.
What do you think should be done to make daily workout habit ?!
In this part of exercise and moist health, we will explain about this and introduce you to effective solutions.

daily workout
daily workout
  1. Wake up early in the morning
    You may not be an early morning person, but if you want to have a regular fitness routine, you must wake up an hour earlier than usual. Research shows that people who exercise in the morning are more likely to stick to exercise than others.
    Early morning exercise is usually more effective in your process.
  2. Find your focus
    It is very important to enjoy what you do.
    If you look at exercise as a task, you will definitely get tired of it very soon.
    Look for activities that excite you.

For example, if you love rhythmic movements, go to aerobics classes. If you are looking to move with weights, then choose bodybuilding.
In the same way, pursue your interest.

  1. Choose comfort conditions for yourself
    Be sure to choose a club that is close to home to determine the long distance to go.
    The closer the club is to your home, the more motivated you will be.
  2. Find a friend
    When it comes to fitness, strength is in the group.
    Studies show that exercising with a friend will definitely increase your performance and make you more committed to your schedule.
  3. Get a coach if possible
    If your financial situation allows you to have a private trainer, it can definitely measure your progress and weight loss over time, push you towards exercise, and as a result, your chances of losing motivation will be greatly reduced.
  4. Set different goals
    You definitely want to get fit by exercising.
    For example, if you are looking to lose weight, consider a number as a goal to lose weight and see how close you are to it in a given period of time.
    This will make you more consistent with your goal.
  1. Change your environment
    Indoor exercise is obsolete;
    Especially when the air is slowly warming up.
    So try to change your environment every few weeks.
    Exercise in different spaces with different people to get the space out of monotony.
  2. Keep track of your schedule and accomplishments
    Be sure to have a calendar and a pen and write down what progress you have made on each date.
    By doing this, you will be more motivated to continue because you are witnessing your efforts and you know that if you try a little harder, you will achieve what you want.
  3. Turn exercise into a hobby
    Try different sports.
    For example, you want to do exercise running, try to do it in a variety of environments and make it look like a competition or a game with your friends to both exercise and enjoy the time you have.
  4. Do not forget about nutrients
    With a poor diet you can definitely not succeed in exercise.
    So look for nutrients that really keep your body healthy and give you more energy to keep working.
  5. Start small
    This is probably the most practical suggestion you have ever heard. When you start exercising, you have a lot of energy and motivation, but you may not be able to follow it to the end.

It is better to start from the beginning with small steps so as not to lose your energy all at once.
For example, you can exercise for 10 to 15 minutes when you start moving and gradually increase it so that exercise becomes a habit in you that you can not give up.

  1. Have a schedule
    Decide whether you want to exercise in the morning, at noon, in the evening or at night.
    Then always stick to that sport time.
    For example, if you are going to exercise and stick to it every day at 5:30 in the morning and do not change the time.
  2. Think of something as a reminder to yourself
    You can use different apps or notes in your phone or prepare text messages to be sent to you at certain times so you do not forget that now is the time to exercise.
  3. Set aside a day to rest
    As you know, recovery after exercise is very important.
    You need to give your body a chance to rest.
    So you can consider a day off as a day to rest so you can exercise better for the next six days.
    Of course, on such days you can also have 20 minutes of walking, cycling, swimming or such light movements.
  4. Just leave the house
    Sometimes you should not think about your sport at all.
    All you have to do is put on your sneakers and leave the house.
    In that case, you certainly can not resist the temptation to exercise and you will definitely do it and everything will end easily.
  5. Do not leave even one day
    It may be easy to say that I do not exercise today, but instead, I exercise well five days later, but it will never be a good solution because if you do not stick to your routine today, you certainly can not do anything tomorrow to compensate.
  6. Set aside a separate time for exercise
    Be sure to set aside time during the day and do exercise.
    It is better to separate this time from your work and rest time or any other occupation.
    So be sure to make time for exercise.
  7. Reward yourself
    Set short-term goals and reward yourself after achieving them.
    For example, set a goal for yourself that you will do this amount of exercise in the next few days, and then after you have done it, consider a reward and a gift for yourself to increase your motivation.

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