Introducing CXWorx sport and its benefits
Maybe you have never heard of a sport called CXWorx or you have heard the name of this sport but you do not know about it.
In this article, we want to acquaint you with the exercise of CXWorx and how to do its exercises in class and the benefits of this exercise for the body.

Introducing the sport of CXWorx, what is this sport?
A great fitness group class that is held in 30 minutes and today we want to continue the discussion of reviewing sports in updatebody about what you can expect in the first period of this class.


According to experts in the sport: “It is a 30-minute workout that challenges you a lot and you can achieve great results in this short time.” It is one of the new sports that has only been around for a few years.
But it has grown rapidly in popularity among the people and has been incorporated into their routine as a program.

What kind of work do CXWorx do on the body?
It is a type of exercise to strengthen the central muscles and increases the fitness of the muscles of the buttocks, abdomen, upper abdomen to the shoulders.
This exercise is more about strengthening the muscles of the upper torso and its main goal is to strengthen the central muscles of the body.

This sport is something between aerobic and strength sports, and currently its classes are held in 80 countries around the world and usually last less than 30 minutes and its exercises are done in 6 steps.


Benefits of CXWorx Exercise
One of the most important benefits of CXWorx is the very fast effectiveness of this sport, which helps you to achieve a stronger, better and muscular body, regardless of your physical condition.

It cuts and shapes your muscles and fits your upper body to fit your lower body.
It is an ideal option for tightening the abdomen and helps to significantly increase endurance and prevent injury.


Steps to do CXWorx exercise

  1. Warm up: Perform various stretching movements to prepare the muscles.
  2. Strength and endurance movements related to the central muscles one: These movements are usually performed in a supine or suspended position on the hands.
  3. Standing Endurance Movements One: Movements that are performed while standing and involve the upper and lower part of the body.
  4. Two standing endurance movements: These movements are also performed in a standing position and affect the muscles of the serine, buttocks and legs.
  5. Strength and endurance movements related to the central muscles of the two: These movements work on the rotation and strengthening of the external abdominal muscles.
  6. Strength and endurance movements related to the central three muscles: These movements focus on the lumbar muscles and strengthen it.


What equipment do you need to do CXWorx exercise?
To do this exercise, you need a special mattress, towel and elastic. You can also use small, medium or large barbells to make this sport heavy and professional.

It is important for men and women not to wear very short shorts, as it may damage their legs.

Typical movements in a CXWorx class
You do a combination of separate but back-to-back movements such as lift, crunch, cross-crawl, bridging, side-crunch, hooping, fillet lying on the ground, plank, mountaineering, squats with power-ups, etc.
You do not need to do any Know which of these moves, because your coach will guide you.

What do you need to know on the first day of class?

To be honest, the first session is very difficult and exhausting even for every body.
From stretching your legs to doing stretching exercises, the most important thing is not to feel weak and remember that everyone was like that in the first session.

Just follow a few tips:

Go to class early and talk to your instructor.
Be as close to the instructor as possible in the classroom to see its movements accurately.
Do not despair if you are unable to lift weights.
Try removing lighter caches.
If you are not familiar with how to work with caches, it is okay to exercise without tools in the first session.
Listen carefully to your coach’s tips to know how you should feel in your body at any given moment and with any movement.
It takes a few sessions to feel comfortable doing the movements, so do not decide to leave the class after the first session.
Let a few sessions pass to see how you feel.


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