Contaminated food

Contaminated food : 8 of the most important

Contaminated food

Contaminated food : The presence of Listeria bacteria in cantaloupe, E. coli in wheat germ and Salmonella in turkey meat are the foods we eat every day.

In this part of Updatebody , common foods that can be contaminated quickly let’s check together..

  1. Chicken meat
    A 2010 study found that 62 percent of grilled chicken and poultry were infected with Campylobacter and 14 percent with Salmonella.

The number of chickens infected with late-death bacteria has increased by 30% compared to 6 years ago.

When you wash the chicken in the sink, cook it quickly in the pot.

Cook the chicken thoroughly and do not let any of it remain raw or undercooked.

When cooking a chicken properly, test the temperature of the thick parts of the chicken thigh to make sure it is cooked.

Contaminated food
Contaminated food

  1. Meat burgers – Contaminated food
    Research in the United States shows that more than 53% of meat burgers contain the bacterium Clostridium perfringens, 30% Staphylococcus and 12% Listeria.

Add fresh oregano to your hamburger slices.

At Kansas State University, an experiment was conducted on various spices that housewives add to meat, and showed that oregano can kill meat bacteria well.

For every 450 grams of meat, add a teaspoon of mint.
In addition, it is better to grill thick burgers on a direct fire.

  1. Cantaloupe
    Contamination: Research has shown that about 3.5% of cantaloupes contain Salmonella and Shigella bacteria.
    Shigella is a bacterium that is transmitted from person to person.

Because cantaloupe grows on the ground and has reticulated skin, it is very easy for bacteria such as Salmonella to penetrate into it.

Rinse the skin of the fruit with dishwashing liquid for 15 to 30 seconds.

  1. Lettuce salad
    The lettuce in your hamburger sandwich can do more harm to your body than the hamburger itself. Research has shown that pre-prepared lettuce salads contain about 40% coliform bacteria.

Be sure to wash the lettuce leaves into clean leaves before eating.

Please keep in mind that it is very dangerous to put the washed lettuce leaves in the rinse in which you put the raw chicken.

Contaminated food
Contaminated food

  1. Eggs – Contaminated food
    Which chicken or egg is more infected?
    Absolutely eggs.

Eggs annually cause disease of more than 660 thousand people and death of 300 people.

Pay attention to the packaging of the eggs.

Basically, eggs packed by large poultry farms are more likely to be infected with bacteria.

Because many chickens are kept in these centers and as a result, there is more pollution.

It is better to use formal and local eggs.

Keep the egg in its own box in the coldest part of the refrigerator.

Be sure to wash your hands after breaking the egg.

Be sure to cook the whole egg unless it is part of another food.

  1. Turkey meat
    Turkey is one of the most infected edible birds.

Experiments have shown that turkey meat contains one of the bacteria Listeria, Campylobacter, Clostridium or all three together.

Try buying organic turkey.
These turkeys grow without antibiotics.

Many commercial turkey breeders inject medicine into their birds, which causes more bacteria to grow in their bodies.

But if used, any surface that has been in contact with raw turkey meat should be thoroughly washed and disinfected.

Instead of using Scotch, wash them with a disposable towel.
Turkey meat is a great source of harmful bacteria.

Contaminated food

  1. Green buds
    Green sprouts of any kind – wheat and mung bean – contain large amounts of phytonutrients.

Research has shown that the sprouts of plants such as broccoli can even cause stomach cancer.

Unfortunately, sprouts need a warm, moist environment to grow, which is good for bacteria such as Listeria, Salmonella, and E. coli.
Try not to buy ready-made sprouts.

If you have to use this food, try to choose very crisp, fresh and sprouted varieties and avoid those that smell old or are slippery and dark.

As soon as you buy them, put them in the refrigerator and be sure to cook them before eating.

  1. Peach
    This delicious and beautiful fruit is disinfected one week before harvest so that it does not stain.
    When this fruit enters the market, there are at least 9 pesticides on its skin.

Try to buy organic fruits because fruits such as apples and grapes also have a lot of drops on their skin.

Many fruits themselves anti-pest coating, so be sure to wash them at home with scotch or clean detergent.

This way, you can eliminate at least half of the contaminants.

Of course, sometimes pesticides are systematic, meaning that when these disinfectants are injected into plant seeds, soil or leaves, they easily find their way into the flesh of the fruit.

As a result, washing them does not cure pain.
For this reason, it is very important to buy organic fruits.

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