Climber : Everest has been climbed thousands of times by different people.

Four of every 100 people climbing the mountain are killed.

Among those who have climbed Everest, there is a blind man,
a 73-year-old woman and a 13-year-old teenager.

200 people killed in the way are buried in the mountain.

Everest is now the dirtiest mountain in the world,
Because 50 tons of rubbish left in it.

It is very expensive to climb this mountain,
It costs about $ 65,000.

Mount Everest is said to be 8848 meters high.

In the past, geologists have to figure out what to calculate.

This was their disagreement:
Should they also measure the snow accumulated on the summit?

just consider rocky cliffs?

Is it true that the wind speed affects the amount of snow cover?


Geographical challenges are also important-climber of Mount Everest

You can reach the summit of Everest in just a few weeks, and also,
There has been a great deal of difficulty measuring altitude in the past.

Today, Mount Everest is estimated at 8848 meters high
In the nineteenth century,
Height of Everest by measuring the angle between the summit of the mountain and points on the ground whose position relative to the sea was almost unknown,
Now, surveyors place a global positioning receiver on the ice for an hour, and using math,
Calculate altitude using satellite data and gravity measurements at the base.


Ascending routes-climber of Mount Everest

Mount Everest has two main ascending routes,
one on the southern slope in Nepal and the other on the northern slope in Tibet.

There are also many bypasses that are less used.

In between these two paths,
The southern route is easier and more commonly used.

It is also the route of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay (the first successful ascent in the year 1953).
But people believe that the roof of the world has been conquered much earlier.

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Everest is not the highest peak on planet Earth-climber of Mount Everest

Everest may be the highest point on Earth’s surface,
But it’s not really the highest peak on the planet.

In fact, Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain in the world at 33465 feet (10200 m) high in Hawaii.

1352 meters more higher than Everest.

So why hasn’t Mona Kia been named the tallest mountain in the world so far?

Because much of the summit lies beneath the ocean.

And it is only 4205 meters out from the surface of the water, which looks low compared to Everest and other Himalayan peaks.

Conclusion-climber of Mount Everest
Everest is the roof of the world.

The world’s highest peak, located in the Himalayas.

There are many adventurers from all over the world,
Time and again they have tried to climb the roof of the world.

Climbing Everest is the dream of many climbers.

Many people have so far managed to climb this mountain.

But there are many mysterious things about this mountain that may not have been discovered yet.
climber of Mount Everest.

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