Cleaning the colon

Cleaning the colon : 5 important tips for cleaning the colon

Cleaning the colon : 5 important tips for cleaning the colon

Colon lavage is a useful way to cleanse the colon
One theory is that toxins enter the body through food, fluids, and the environment in which we live.

Some people believe that eliminating these toxins through the large intestine makes them feel better and improves the body’s function.

Colon cleansing
Cleaning the colon

1- Colon cleansing
Colon cleansing is also called colonic lavage or colonic hydrotherapy.

In this procedure, 20 gallons of fluid are pumped into the colon through a tube inserted into the anus.

Probiotics, herbs, enzymes and other additives can be dissolved in the liquid.
This procedure takes about an hour.

2- Is colon cleansing helpful? – Cleaning the colon
Many people believe that colon cleansing increases the risk of colon cancer and therefore use this method with caution or not at all.

However, no studies have shown that colon cleansing is beneficial.

In this method, only the large intestine is cleansed and the small intestine is not cleansed.

The only way to cleanse the small intestine is to eat a healthy diet and eat fruits and vegetables.

Intestinal cleansing is successful in some people and the person feels better.

Eating healthy foods and living a healthy lifestyle can help cleanse the colon.

3- Complications of bowel cleansing
In the bowel cleansing method, many complications occur due to the introduction of a large amount of fluid in the large intestine.

These include worsening hemorrhoids or developing an ulcer in the anus.

Excessive amounts of fluid can lead to the following problems:

  • nausea and vomiting
  • Electrolyte imbalance of the body
    Accumulation of fluid in the lungs
  • Heart problems
  • Coma (coma)
Eating healthy foods
Cleaning the colon

4- Prohibitions of colon cleansing
If you have the following diseases, avoid cleaning the colon separately:
Coronary heart disease
Severe hemorrhoids or internal hemorrhoids (inflammation of the veins in the anal canal)

Diverticulosis (sacs or cavities in the wall of the colon that may become inflamed and infected)

Ulcerative colitis (inflammation and injury of the lining of the colon)

Tumor of the colon or anus (colon cancer)

  • Heart disease
  • kidney disease

5- An alternative to colon cleansing
Eating healthy foods and living a healthy lifestyle can help cleanse the colon.

If you want to get rid of food toxins, it is best to change your eating habits.

Your body does its job naturally and with the help of fruits and vegetables and cleanses the small intestine.

All you have to do is wash the fruits and vegetables well and remove chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizer residues on the fruits and vegetables.

Eating healthy food reduces the risk and helps the digestive system.

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