Cinnamon : 3 important points

Cinnamon : 3 important points

Cinnamon and its unique effect on this disease

If you used to look at cinnamon only as a spice, reading this will make it a solid part of your diet.

In some plants, there are compounds that can increase sexual desire, but the strength of the effect of these plants depends on the amount and frequency of consumption.

One of the properties of cinnamon is its consumption to increase and regain sexual power.

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Cinnamon is strong due to its warm nature, eliminates weakness in the back and legs, warms the kidneys and liver, has a good effect on blood circulation and delivers blood to the surface organs of the body, opens the breath and It pleases the mouth.
refreshes the heart.

Cinnamon is soothing and joyful and is better than many sedatives and is called herbal valium.

This plant strengthens the immune system to prevent infections and acts like antibiotics and penicillin, and because it is anti-inflammatory, it is the best medicine for patients with muscle and joint pain.

1- Weight loss with cinnamon
According to the latest studies, consuming a teaspoon of cinnamon daily increases the body’s metabolism, and as a result, it can burn excess fat and calories.

In fact, when the metabolism is high, the body gets its energy from the breakdown of fats, but if the metabolism is low, calories and overweight are not lost.

2- A suitable spice for diabetics
According to the latest research, cinnamon contains compounds that improve the action of insulin in the transfer of glucose to cells, and by gradually lowering blood sugar, reduce fatigue and blurred vision in diabetics, and because it is almost calorie-free, obese people and people with diabetes They can use it in their diet with the advice of a specialist doctor.


3- Drivers drink cinnamon tea
It is worth mentioning that mint and cinnamon tea is effective for calming the nerves and preventing drivers who drive for a long time from falling asleep, and helps to increase concentration and reduce traffic accidents, and its essential oil is a mild disinfectant.

Other wonderful properties of cinnamon include analgesic, antimicrobial, anti-nausea, anti-diarrhea, antihistamine, antihypertensive, stomach strengthening and relieving bloating.

Of course, you should know that consuming large amounts of cinnamon is toxic and causes insomnia and movement.

It makes your heart beat faster.

To get the most out of cinnamon, drink cinnamon tea, or skim wood or powder in your daily tea, milk, coffee, juice or cereal, and breakfast cake.

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