Exercise after childbirth
Eliminate splitting of the abdomen after childbirth with exercise10 minutes a day.
All women are familiar with postpartum conflict, in which the abdomen is somewhat loose and sores remain, a problem that causes the abdomen to split in two, as well as the term diastasis recti (simply put pressure on the wall during pregnancy).
The abdomen enters, causing the two large muscles that support the abdominal wall to separate), which occurs during pregnancy as the fetus grows in the mother’s abdomen and strikes the muscles around the mother’s abdominal muscles and the abdominal cavity muscles and Separates.

after childbirth

In lucky mothers, the cavity clears again after delivery, but this space often remains open after delivery.
As a result, the organs and tissues of the abdomen itself cause “soft skin”.

For best results, there is a quick and easy 10 minute workout for a much leaner waistline and you don’t even have to go out to do it.

Special 10-minute movement to remove the split abdomen after delivery
First, Sitting cross-legged, place your hands on your abdomen, and take deep breaths until your abdomen is fully inflated.

Then, as you rest, push your abdominal muscles back (push), intensify the pressure, and exhale and relax.

Do this for ten minutes.

it is finished!
Just as easily, at least until tomorrow !!
Or later this exercise will show you amazing results.
A small pilot study was conducted by developers Lee Keller and her personal trainer, and Dr. Gita Sharma, a gynecologist at Will Corner Medical Center at Pishgaman Hospital in New York, on 63 women with jelly-like bellies Tracked.

Exercise daily for 10 minutes
After 12 weeks of exercising daily for ten minutes, all of those women had their diastasis recti treated.
Some of them were even a few inches away from their waists.

“We had patients who had been pregnant for even a year, but they also reaped the benefits of the sport,” says Sharma.

We love to see what we can do to help women.
Although this exercise has not been tested on men or women who have not been pregnant, it does tell us something that is worth trying for at least a period.

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