cause of obesity

cause of obesity

cause of obesity

Amazing Factors That cause of obesity
cause of obesity are factors that endanger health.
We all know that if the amount of energy we get from eating is more than the amount of energy that is burned and consumed by daily activities, we will be overweight and obese, but sometimes some causes you to become obese.
You will be surprised to hear them.
In this section of updatebody, we bring you some amazing factors that affect weight.

Factors That cause of obesity
cause of obesity

Time eating and cause of obesity
It is interesting to know that if your eating time is cluttered and irregular, your internal clock will be disrupted and you will gain weight. To avoid gaining weight, eat a high-protein, low-fat, high-carbohydrate breakfast, such as an egg, on whole-grain bread to help you feel fuller.

Pay attention to the time of eating breakfast and never eat your breakfast late.
It is better to have a nutritious meal at lunch at a certain time and consider a lighter meal for dinner and have dinner before 19:00.

The relationship between cause of obesity and hormones
Hormones control metabolic function, inflammation, menopause, glucose uptake and body.
Our appetite depends on the hormones we have.
Stomach reduction surgery causes a change in hormones, causing more of the hormones that make us feel full and fewer of the hormones that make us feel hungry.

Genes are another factor that causes obesity
Scientists have found that the genes we inherit affect 40 to 70 percent of how our body weighs.
Genes affect people’s appetite and cause them to consume high-calorie foods.

Genes also affect how the body burns calories and fat, causing some people to lose weight despite regular diet and exercise programs.

Obesity and its association with intestinal microbes
Research has shown that one of the causes of overweight in some people is the lack of microbial diversity in their intestines.
People whose intestines contain a variety of microbes are less likely to be overweight.

Having a healthy, varied diet rich in fiber sources such as whole grain breakfast cereals, fruits such as berries and pears, vegetables such as carrots and broccoli, beans, pulses (grains and legumes), nuts cause There are various germs in the intestines.

Overweight due to eating high calorie foods
Some of us eat little in our meal but still gain weight.
The cause of this overweight can be found in snacks and eating high-calorie foods.

You may prefer to eat cake or biscuits with cocoa milk instead of breakfast, these are high-calorie foods, so eat a hearty breakfast with protein such as eggs instead.

In the previous articles on the updatebody section, we said that if you are tempted by delicious foods, do not expose them to your view or leave a bowl of fruit in the kitchen instead.
Instead of not eating your favorite food completely, find a low-calorie alternative or eat a certain amount of it.

Does body size affect people’s weight?
A young adult normally has an average of 206 bones in his body. These people may have different numbers of rib bones or different numbers of bones in their arms and legs, so the number 206 is an average.

Bones themselves have different densities and masses, we learned this from examining people with osteoporosis and thinning bones and seeing differences in them.

The interesting thing is that overweight people with a body mass above 33 never get osteoporosis because they have more bone mass.
Bone mass increases during physical activity that puts adequate pressure on the bone structure.
Like weight training.

So can it be concluded that the use of exercises with weights causes larger bones and increases body size?
No. This does not always happen to everyone.

Bone weight depends on a person’s total body weight.
Bones make up about 15% of a person’s total body volume.
While people’s body size is different and it is possible and most of their weight is determined by their height.

Sometimes too much body fat increases weight;
Of course, people who work in bodybuilding are exceptions. Remember that muscle mass weighs more than the same amount of fat.
Muscles, on the other hand, make you look thinner than fat, so if you have a muscular body, you probably weigh more but look slimmer.

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