Cause of drowsiness

Cause of drowsiness : 12 of the most important reasons

Cause of drowsiness : 12 of the most important reasons

Why do I always fall asleep and feel restless?
Cause of drowsiness : You must have met many people who constantly complain about their drowsiness and ask you why everyone feels drowsy.
The exact cause is not yet known, but busy lives and poor diet often make people feel drowsy.
A person who feels drowsy should not be labeled as lazy because he may have overcome medical reasons, depression and fatigue, etc.

In this section of Updatebody, we will introduce you to the reasons for drowsiness and constant lethargy. .

fall asleep
Cause of drowsiness

For these reasons, you are always lethargic and sleepy
1- Not eating properly
If you have a busy life or are constantly overwhelmed by stress, you should use caffeine and sweets throughout the day for more energy. Excessive consumption of caffeine and sugar has the opposite effect and will make you tired and drowsy.
Drink more water and eat fruits and vegetables.

2- Lack of exercise – Cause of drowsiness
Lack of exercise is another cause of drowsiness.
Experts recommend that you exercise for at least 40 minutes 4 days a week.
Your body is like a car and if it just rests, it will break down.
Proper exercise provides energy to the body.
30 minutes of daily exercise will make a big difference in how much you sleep.

3- Disturbed sleep
Some people do not get enough sleep due to their busy schedule during the day.
As a result, they constantly feel drowsy.
Adequate sleep should be one of our priorities in life.
Sleep less than 6 hours a day continuously is one of the causes of your drowsiness.
So you have to put it to sleep for 8 hours.
Of course, women’s bodies need more sleep than men.

Cause of drowsiness

4- Anemia – Cause of drowsiness
People who suffer from anemia regularly feel weak and tired and like to sleep.
Anemia can be caused by a lack of iron and can make you feel like your muscles are heavy and your body is weak.
Anemia is also common in pregnant women and women with heavy periods.

5- Celiac disease
Celiac disease is basically an instability of the body to gluten. People with the disease can not eat bread, cakes and whole grain foods that have traces of gluten.
The disease causes weight loss, anemia, fatigue and a feeling of drowsiness.

6- Chronic fatigue syndrome – Cause of drowsiness
Chronic fatigue syndrome is a form of severe fatigue that usually lasts more than 6 months.
A person with this syndrome will usually experience drowsiness and fatigue.

7- Sleep apnea
In this situation, when the person is asleep, the throat closes or narrows, which is a factor for shortness of breath.
As a result, the level of oxygen in the blood decreases and it causes drowsiness.

Cause of drowsiness
Cause of drowsiness
  1. Hypothyroidism – Cause of drowsiness
    Hypothyroidism means that the body has low thyroxine or thyroid hormone.
    As a result, you become overweight and feel tired and drowsy.

9- Diabetes
Diabetes means high blood sugar and reduces energy and the person will feel tired and drowsy.

  1. Depression and anxiety
    Depression and anxiety are one of the most common causes of fatigue and weakness.
    Fatigue of the mind and body are related to each other and are a factor in drowsiness.

11- Glandular fever
Glandular fever is a common cause of fatigue in adolescents and other symptoms include fever, sore throat and glandular inflammation.
This fever lasts for about 4 to 6 weeks and leaves fatigue on the body for a long time.

  1. Restless legs – Cause of drowsiness
    Feeling uncomfortable and restless in the body during the night is one of the conditions called restless legs.
    This feeling makes the person feel comfortable in the leg and the pain overcomes him.
    These people usually move their legs constantly to reduce the pain and as a result their sleep is disturbed and they will feel drowsy during the day.

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