Cause back pain

Cause back pain 100% : Surprising factors that cause back pain

Surprising factors that cause back pain

Cause back pain and wearing tight clothes :
Tight and sticky jeans and carrying large bags cause back pain. Back pain can be caused by a variety of reasons.
In this article, we will address these two issues, which are:
the use of tight and sticky jeans and lifting large bags.

back pain
Cause back pain

Do you also suffer from back pain?
When wearing your clothes, make sure that they are too tight or too loose for back, that large, non-portable bags that people carry put them at greater risk than the waist.
High heels, etc..
All of which are based on a survey…

This survey showed that 4.3 (about 73%) women suffer from chronic and painful back pain and the most important cause of low back pain in women is the clothing they wear.

While heavy handbags and some tight jeans, by restricting movement in the buttocks and knees, cause dangerous back pain in people.

While more than 1/4 of women (about 28%) are aware of the effects of the clothes they wear and buy consciously.

To avoid chronic and painful back pain, try to use loose clothing and do not lift heavy handbags , and do not use high heels at all.

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