Brain exercises

Top 5 brain exercises to improve your concentration and focus When you want to build muscle, lifting weights. If you want to improve concentration and focus your mind, then you need to work and exercise your brain. The right brain exercises to improve the way the brain works and develop a better focus and concentration. […]

Diet and depression

Diet and depression

deep breathing exercises

Deep breathing exercises and why they work deep breathing techniques are often cited as an important tool that can help relieve stress immediately, anxiety, frustration, and anger. However, many people have difficulty practicing deep breathing exercises, either because they believe it will help or try once and then not try again. The same is true […]

gallbladder diet

gallbladder diet: Food and Gallstones Gallstones are often the cause of abdominal pain, which is only addressed during a real attack. These calculations are a sign of cholesterol and poor waste elimination by the body. How to eat to eliminate this cholesterol, which foods to avoid to eliminate these abdominal pains, which foods to favor […]

Healthy foods to eat

Healthy Foods: The Secret of Teaching Yourself to Crave Healthy Foods A recent study found that less than 10% of Americans are eating enough vegetables. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, less than 14% of Americans are consuming the recommended 2 to 4 daily servings of fruit, and less than 9% consume […]

Foods for high cholesterol

Learn which ones are healthier for the heart You’ve probably heard the buzz about the good and bad cholesterol, and the negative effect of bad cholesterol can have on the health of the heart. Some foods with high cholesterol content now being considered good, while others are bad, trying to determine what foods high in […]

Mayo diet

How does the Mayo diet make you lose weight? The Mayo diet The Mayo Diet is a 14-day dietary program developed by clinic teams with the same name in the United States. It is a very low-calorie diet that could allow you to lose between 7 and 10 kg in just two weeks. This diet […]

gluten free diet plan

Gluten Free Diet: See What a Gluten-Free Diet Can Do For You There are those poor souls that have a serious issue with gluten. One bite of an ordinary piece of bread or pasta can keep them in the bathroom for hours. This population doesn’t need to be told about the advantages of a gluten-free […]

best workout to lose weight

10 best methods for maximum performance Tabata stands for high-intensity interval training. This training method is suitable for all those who wish to burn fat and improve their general endurance. It consists in subjecting one of the large muscle groups (legs, chest, back, stomach, etc.) to an exercise cycle for a short period of 4 […]

Menopause and weight gain

Menopausal Weight Gain: What Every Woman Ought to Know About the weight gain of menopause can have more serious consequences that exceed your favorite pair of jeans. Find out how the median age spread affects your body and what you can do with respect. Facts about Menopausal Weight Gain Understand estrogen. As estrogen levels fall […]