how to maintain weight loss

how to maintain weight loss How do people around the world lose weight? What are the secrets of fitness and style of people in European countries? What slimming diet do the Japanese and East Asians get fit? The answer to each of them is their weight loss secrets that you will read in this section […]

benefit of running

benefit of running 56 Benefits of running for body health and vitalityRunning slows down the aging process by strengthening the bones and muscles.In contrast, the bones and muscles of people who are Low activity on a daily basis are weak .These people are more prone to osteoporosis.In contrast, athletes’ skeletons are strong and they become […]

women’s arm

women’s arm The best exercise for strengthening and shaping women’s arm One of the common problems of women after aging is the loss of shape and strength of the arms, which in addition to weakness in doing things is not pleasant in appearance, so knowing a way to solve this problem will be very useful, […]

pre workout

pre workout The forbidden and wrong things that most of us do pre workoutThere are some forbidden things you should not do pre workout because it can have terrible consequences.If you aim to exercise, you should also avoid simple tasks such as drinking coffee and dress appropriately. Either way, with the right routine, your body […]


wushu Everything about the sport of wushuWushu is a group of martial arts and a subset of Kung Fu.The birthplace of this sport is China.Wushu is the source of all martial arts.Wushu is defined in different ways and styles, each with its own techniques, tactics and rules. The difference in styles has in fact led […]

weight gain after marriage

weight gain after marriage Are you upset about your spouse’s obesity and would you like him to lose weight?Has your spouse’s body changed significantly since you got married? Does it make sense to ask her to lose weight?In most cases, experts explicitly forbid this;However, more solutions may be considered, which we will mention in this […]

different types of sports

different types of sports The best exercise for your mood and personalitydifferent types of sports : The sport you do should fit your personality.Did you know that your personality has a deep connection to your type of exercise?In this part of Updatebody, we name the appropriate sports for each of the characters.If you can choose […]

hot or cold shower after workout

hot or cold shower after workout All the tips and should not bath after exerciseWhen you exercise, you sweat, your muscles ache, your heart rate rises, and there are other changes that you can improve with a hot shower.Have you ever wondered why you should take a shower after the club exercise?Definitely one of the […]

daily workout

daily workout How to make daily workout habit?daily workout : Having a fitness routine is definitely exciting.Undoubtedly, we all love waking up early in the morning, going to the gym before work and physical activity, but we do not succeed in doing so. You may have energy and motivation in the first week, but gradually […]

Women’s weight loss

Women’s weight loss Weight loss for women over 40-50 years and 5 diet tips for themLosing weight after the age of 40 is actually more difficult than it is in the 20s or 30s, but it is not impossible.With the right attitudes and effort and determination, it is possible to lose extra weight at any […]