hot or cold shower after workout

hot or cold shower after workout All the tips and should not bath after exerciseWhen you exercise, you sweat, your muscles ache, your heart rate rises, and there are other changes that you can improve with a hot shower.Have you ever wondered why you should take a shower after the club exercise?Definitely one of the […]

sports medicine doctor

sports medicine doctor Consult with doctors before exercisingsports medicine doctor : You do not need a doctor to tell you that exercise is essential for a healthy life, but if you have not exercised before, you may need to tell your doctor what to do to make your exercise safe. People who should consult a […]

workouts to do at home

workouts to do at home Lack of space in today’s homes is natural.On the other hand, exercise and maintaining the health of the body is essential and the lack of a suitable space for exercise can not be considered a reason to ignore it, so you should find the right sports movements with the right […]

Iliac muscles

Iliac muscles Proper exercise to strengthen iliac muscles at homeiliac muscles : Although this is often overlooked, the pelvis is the center of gravity of all movements in the lower part of your body.Activities such as sitting for long periods of time at work or at home can cause pain in various parts of your […]

Love handles

Love handlesLove handles – You diet, you exercise, you lose weight and your arms get more muscular, but you still have fat on your sides that sits right on top of your pants and doesn’t seem to be melting. That’s why you are thinking of reading about Love handles. Let’s see what these fats are, […]

Water aerobics

Water aerobics The importance of water aerobics and Exercise in waterWater aerobics : Exercising in the water is one of the best ways to do an effective, safe and regular exercise in your sports routine.It is also an excellent stimulant for increasing fitness levels and is an effective mechanism for recovery.We have dedicated this part […]

lean muscle

lean muscle Useful methods of lean muscle movements Most people think that having a body with large and firm muscles requires exercise, while doing a few simple exercises on a regular basis can build muscle and have a fit body. The biggest muscle building mistake that people make is not having the right healthy program […]

after exercise

Things you must do after exercise Post-workout recovery is essential and is part of any exercise program, but is often overlooked after any weight-bearing exercise or even walking on a treadmill. The recovery period is just as important and it does not matter if you work on your arms, lower back, or abdomen, but people […]

Warm up in exercise

How to Warm up in exercise? Warm up in exercise : Whether you are a beginner or an expert in exercise, you must warm up your body and do stretching exercises before starting exercise. Warming up is one of the pre-exercise essentials that prepares your body for exercise and increases your heart rate as well […]

Breathing in exercise

Breathing in exercise The state of breathing in exercise and breathing during exerciseBreathing in exercise : Over time, more and more people realize that physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and not exercising or exercising improperly can make it difficult to breathe during exercise. Difficulty breathing during exercise can cause shortness […]