deep breath

deep breath The easiest and best way to lose weight fast by taking deep breathsWeight loss will not always be achieved by eating a salad and going to the gym regularly, but optimal fitness can be achieved through simple deep breathing.A combination of simple physical exercises, deep breathing can help eliminate excess fat and good […]


Handball is a group sport in which the two participating teams each have seven players, one of whom stands in front of the goal as a goalkeeper.In This game, players must place the ball inside the opponent’s goal to earn points.In this sport, the hand is used to pass and shoot. History of this gameThe […]


childbirth Exercise after childbirthEliminate splitting of the abdomen after childbirth with exercise10 minutes a day.All women are familiar with postpartum conflict, in which the abdomen is somewhat loose and sores remain, a problem that causes the abdomen to split in two, as well as the term diastasis recti (simply put pressure on the wall during […]

fat metabolism

fat metabolism Body fat metabolism; Super weight loss with a different slimming dietFat metabolism means slimming the abdomen and hips, means achieving ideal weight and fitness, means achieving all the desires you have to achieve the desired body.In this area of ​​updatebody, there are a few tips for losing weight that are actually evidence-based. Sometimes […]


paintball Everything about paintball and everything you need to know to get startedMaybe you have friends who play this, or maybe you like it too. Paintball, like any other sport, is fun as long as no one is hurt, and that ‘s why we’re here – to make sure what you do when you’re on […]

cross fit

cross fit The benefits of cross-fit exercise and a simple and useful program of itCross-fit exercise, which you must have mentioned many times in the section on updatebody, is a lifestyle that is characterized by safe, effective exercise.Crossfit can be used to achieve any goal, from improving health to losing weight to better performance.This program […]

types of diets

types of diets Many people ask the question, how to choose the best diet?types of diets – In answer to this question, we must say that although there are many types of diets, it is challenging to find the answer.After all, there is no one-size-fits-all program, so unfortunately you can not rely on the experience […]

Love handles

Love handlesLove handles – You diet, you exercise, you lose weight and your arms get more muscular, but you still have fat on your sides that sits right on top of your pants and doesn’t seem to be melting. That’s why you are thinking of reading about Love handles. Let’s see what these fats are, […]

mountaineering equipment

mountaineering equipment The necessary equipment that you should bring with you in any mountaineeringMountaineering is one of the sports or recreations For some, mountaineering is the main job or the required part of the main job.Surveying technical routes in the mountains, using technical tools and engaging with rocky and icy routes is called mountaineering.Different tools […]

water aerobics

water aerobics The importance of water aerobics and Exercise in waterExercising in the water is one of the best ways to do an effective, safe and regular exercise in your sports routine.It is also an excellent stimulant for increasing fitness levels and is an effective mechanism for recovery.We have dedicated this part of updatebody to […]