weight loss for women over 40 : 35 very important help methods

weight loss for women over 40 : 35 very important help methods A healthy program for weight loss and slimming after the age of 40When you are in your twenties and at a young age, it is much easier for you to lose weight, but as you get older, it will become harder because it […]

Hot or cold shower after workout

Hot or cold shower after workout All the tips and should not bath after exerciseWhen you exercise, you sweat, your muscles ache, your heart rate rises, and there are other changes that you can improve with a hot shower.Have you ever wondered why you should take a shower after the club exercise?Definitely one of the […]

How much should i run to lose weight

How much should i run to lose weight How much should i run to lose weight ? Undoubtedly, running is one of the most effective aerobic exercises for weight loss and lower limb shaping.Make running 4 to 5 times a week intermittently one of your daily routines to benefit from this exercise. One of the […]

speed running

speed runningMisconceptions about running and speed runningspeed running – What runners love so much is that they talk about running all the time.They also offer solutions for speed and racing. Some of them hear these solutions from the Internet or other people, but it is interesting to know that many of these solutions are wrong. […]

Running injuries

Running injuriesRunning exercise injuries and how to prevent themRunning injuries – Each sport has its damage as an integral part, which is more in one sport and less in another.As for the second string; It is estimated that at least 50% of runners are injured each year, most of them due to repeated force for […]

cough after running

cough after running What causes cough after running and the taste of blood after running?cough after running – After a hard walk, it is normal to feel that your chest, arms and legs are heavy or you are unable to speak, and sometimes you may feel the need to lift.But the worst taste in your […]

Finding the right running shoes

Running shoes Finding the right running shoesrunning shoes : If you have never been to a club or class for a second race and now you are planning to do so, you should choose a suitable shoe in the first place that does not put too much pressure on your feet.There are several brands on […]

after exercise

Things you must do after exercise Post-workout recovery is essential and is part of any exercise program, but is often overlooked after any weight-bearing exercise or even walking on a treadmill. The recovery period is just as important and it does not matter if you work on your arms, lower back, or abdomen, but people […]

Warm up in exercise

How to Warm up in exercise? Warm up in exercise : Whether you are a beginner or an expert in exercise, you must warm up your body and do stretching exercises before starting exercise. Warming up is one of the pre-exercise essentials that prepares your body for exercise and increases your heart rate as well […]

Breathing in exercise

Breathing in exercise The state of breathing in exercise and breathing during exerciseBreathing in exercise : Over time, more and more people realize that physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and not exercising or exercising improperly can make it difficult to breathe during exercise. Difficulty breathing during exercise can cause shortness […]