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Discover This Surprising New Ingredient for Exercise Motivation Exercise motivation comes in many forms, from managing health conditions to wanting to look good for a high school reunion. Now, researchers have found an especially powerful resource by tapping into emotional memories. A recent study found that asking people to remember previous workouts significantly increased the […]

How to stay motivation in exercise

How to Stay Motivated With an Exercise Buddy Having an exercise partner may make it easier to stick to your exercise routine. A couple may be just what you need to stay motivated, have fun, and reach your fitness goals. Below are some points to consider for selecting the proper exercise companion so you can […]

Physical activity

What You Need to Know about the New Physical Activity Guidelines For the first time in ten years, the US government has updated its physical activity and exercise guidelines. While most of the recommendations remain the same, there are a few additions that could make it easier to reach your fitness goals. That’s important because […]

Fitness Gurus

Top Snack Tips from Fitness Gurus What do fitness gurus eat, and what do they recommend for others? Fitness gurus have mastered snacking before and after exercise. Just like everyone else, they face cravings throughout the day. Try their tips the next time you have a long day at the gym or at work: Eggs. […]

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How to Stay Motivated Even When You’re Working Out Alone training partners and group fitness classes make it easy to stay motivated. You feel responsible for coming, and it would be a little awkward to hang out when everyone in the room is doing push-ups. Still, there are probably times when your schedule or other […]

Calorie per day

15 easy ways to cut 100 calories a day small changes in your diet add up. Cutting just 100 calories a day translates into a weight loss of 10 pounds in a year. calorie per day Deprivation diets prepare you to backslide because you can not survive on grapefruit and celery for a long time. […]

Diet and depression

Diet and depression

deep breathing exercises

Deep breathing exercises and why they work deep breathing techniques are often cited as an important tool that can help relieve stress immediately, anxiety, frustration, and anger. However, many people have difficulty practicing deep breathing exercises, either because they believe it will help or try once and then not try again. The same is true […]

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3 Simple Secrets That Instantly Boost Your Exercise Motivation Finding the motivation to exercise is sometimes challenging. It can be tempting to loll around on the couch instead of going up to the treadmill. Try three simple secrets that will make you move. Surround Yourself With Green Understanding the power of green. A recent university […]

cycling weight loss

The Truth About Carb Cycling for Weight Loss Have you heard about cycling carbohydrates to lose weight? Carbohydrate cycling is the latest fad diet for weight loss. It is popular among bodybuilders and fitness experts. However, this diet is not suitable for everyone. Before you start carbon cycling for weight loss, consider the details: Does […]