weight loss for women over 40 : 35 very important help methods

weight loss for women over 40 : 35 very important help methods A healthy program for weight loss and slimming after the age of 40When you are in your twenties and at a young age, it is much easier for you to lose weight, but as you get older, it will become harder because it […]

Tabata exercise 100% : The best exercises and programs for Tabata

Tabata exerciseExamples of Tabata exercise program What is Tabata Exercise? You’ve probably heard a lot about bodybuilding techniques over the years, and they all help you achieve your fitness goals. You may want to increase your strength, lose weight, increase your flexibility.Improve or build muscle. Whatever your goals are, most exercise programs can help you, […]

Calorie Burning 100% : The best trick for lazy people

Calorie Burning 100% : The best trick for lazy people Calorie-burning trick in the style of lazy peopleIf you are one of the people who do not have any activity at all and even do your shopping online, you are a lazy person. Although doing everyday tasks may seem simple, it does play an important […]

Review of 5 home sports equipment and their dangers

Home sports equipment Home sports equipment that may be dangerousHome sports equipment : Indoor sports equipment not only has a lot of applications, but it can get you to your goals faster. On the other hand, you do not have to go to a specific place to exercise.It is enough to have the basic equipment […]

Taekwondo vs karate : What is the difference between karate and taekwondo?

Taekwondo vs karate What is the difference between karate and taekwondo? Karate and Taekwondo are martial arts that are similar at first glance but separate and cannot be considered the same. Since the two sports are not the same but both have a lot in common, beginners may be a little confused.karate is less ancient […]

Bodyweight 100% : best bodyweight exercises

Bodyweight 100% : best bodyweight exercises Learn about bodyweight exercises and its benefitsBodyweight : In one sentence, bodyweight means exercising using body weight. Although bodyweight has become more attractive and popular these days, it is the oldest type of exercise.We all have the facilities of this sport at home, because we do not need anything […]

Exercise per day

How much exercise per day ? Even 5 minutes a day is useful!The New York Times reported that “5 minutes of running a day has long-term benefits.” Since then, most news reports have suggested that maybe 5 minutes of exercise a day is all you need. But is this statement true?The New York Times story […]

pre workout

pre workout The forbidden and wrong things that most of us do pre workoutThere are some forbidden things you should not do pre workout because it can have terrible consequences.If you aim to exercise, you should also avoid simple tasks such as drinking coffee and dress appropriately. Either way, with the right routine, your body […]

Different types of sports

Different types of sports The best exercise for your mood and personalitydifferent types of sports : The sport you do should fit your personality.Did you know that your personality has a deep connection to your type of exercise?In this part of Updatebody, we name the appropriate sports for each of the characters.If you can choose […]

Hot or cold shower after workout

Hot or cold shower after workout All the tips and should not bath after exerciseWhen you exercise, you sweat, your muscles ache, your heart rate rises, and there are other changes that you can improve with a hot shower.Have you ever wondered why you should take a shower after the club exercise?Definitely one of the […]