deep breath

deep breath The easiest and best way to lose weight fast by taking deep breathsWeight loss will not always be achieved by eating a salad and going to the gym regularly, but optimal fitness can be achieved through simple deep breathing.A combination of simple physical exercises, deep breathing can help eliminate excess fat and good […]

deep sleep

Deep sleepThe best exercises and stretching exercises before beddeep sleep – You often need to do stretching exercises before going to bed because doing a few simple exercises along with drinking a sedative and hypnotic drink and using vegetable oils;Helps to have a restful sleep and makes you fall asleep faster and improve the quality […]


metabolismFamiliarity with the body’s metabolism and its strengthening technique with yogaMetabolism is a set of chemical reactions in which the body converts what you eat and drink into energy and excretes waste products, and consists of two parts: Anabolism:It is the building block of metabolism, which involves the aggregation of simple molecules to form complex […]

long life

exercise for long lifeLong life – A healthy lifestyle and good physical education are the key to longevity and maintaining a high life expectancy.A new study says that exercising can actually add a few years to your life, and yet we need to pay more attention to choosing the right exercise. Following certain exercises can […]

after exercise

Things you must do after exercise Post-workout recovery is essential and is part of any exercise program, but is often overlooked after any weight-bearing exercise or even walking on a treadmill. The recovery period is just as important and it does not matter if you work on your arms, lower back, or abdomen, but people […]

Warm up in exercise

How to Warm up in exercise? Whether you are a beginner or an expert in exercise, you must warm up your body and do stretching exercises before starting exercise. Warming up is one of the pre-exercise essentials that prepares your body for exercise and increases your heart rate as well as blood flow and also […]

breathing in exercise

breathing in exercise The state of breathing in exercise and breathing during exerciseOver time, more and more people realize that physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and not exercising or exercising improperly can make it difficult to breathe during exercise. Difficulty breathing during exercise can cause shortness of breath, cough, narrowing […]

Exercise with music

The benefits of sports music and the reason for exercising better with music Listening to music during practice helps to motivate people, but we are less familiar with why music evokes this feeling and what the benefits of listening to it during practice are. Whether we want to run, do strength training or take a […]

exercises for the back: what exercises are good for the back?

exercises for the back: what exercises are good for the back? The work of back strength training is too often neglected in the room, in favor of a program for pecs and front muscles that are more visible in the mirror. However, to muscle, the back is important, as much in terms of aesthetics as […]

Tai Chi

You’re Never Too Old To Learn Tai Chi Seniors require exercise just as much as anyone else, but some activities can be tough on aging bodies. That’s where Tai Chi comes to the rescue. Tai Chi is an effective workout anyone can enjoy by mastering a few simple basics. The literal translation of Tai Chi […]