weight watchers recipes

weight watchers recipes weight watchers recipes – Find the root cause of your weight comebacksIf you have recently lost weight but have a natural tendency to maintain it despite your natural urges, do not worry because most people who experience significant weight loss will gain weight again and even be unaware of the cause .In […]


anti-appetite The best and strongest anti-hunger and anti-appetite foods:Obesity and overweight on the one hand and strict diets to lose weight and achieve a desired fitness on the other hand are the concern of many people in the modern world because changing eating habits and lifestyles of a large number of the world’s population to […]

Japanese diet

Japanese diet Japanese diet; The secret of health, longevity and good health of almond eyesThe traditional Japanese diet is a complete diet in which fish, seafood and plants are found in abundance.It also contains small amounts of animal fats, sugars and proteins. The meals of this diet are very few and fresh and seasonal foods […]

burn calories in sleep

burn calories in sleep Interesting and important facts about burning calories in sleepMost people are not aware that they burn calories while sleeping. Although sleep requires less energy than daily activities, your brain is still active during this period and performs certain functions in the body.The exact number of calories burned during sleep depends on […]

iliac muscles

iliac muscles Proper exercise to strengthen iliac muscles at homeAlthough this is often overlooked, the pelvis is the center of gravity of all movements in the lower part of your body.Activities such as sitting for long periods of time at work or at home can cause pain in various parts of your body such as […]

Okinawa Diet

What is the Okinawa diet and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

can you lose weight

can you lose weight without working out ? Losing weight is not easy for most of us and requires a balanced calorie intake.Calorie intake is nothing, in fact it depends on the food you eat. Calories are spent on activity and exercise.If you do not have the ability to try other ways to lose weight […]

deep breath

deep breath The easiest and best way to lose weight fast by taking deep breathsWeight loss will not always be achieved by eating a salad and going to the gym regularly, but optimal fitness can be achieved through simple deep breathing.A combination of simple physical exercises, deep breathing can help eliminate excess fat and good […]


Handball is a group sport in which the two participating teams each have seven players, one of whom stands in front of the goal as a goalkeeper.In This game, players must place the ball inside the opponent’s goal to earn points.In this sport, the hand is used to pass and shoot. History of this gameThe […]


childbirth Exercise after childbirthEliminate splitting of the abdomen after childbirth with exercise10 minutes a day.All women are familiar with postpartum conflict, in which the abdomen is somewhat loose and sores remain, a problem that causes the abdomen to split in two, as well as the term diastasis recti (simply put pressure on the wall during […]