Ballet Important and effective benefits of ballet movementsBallet is more than just a sport with movements similar to dancing and wearing special shoes and clothes.In this sport, you should increase your endurance and training more than you think, and although the history of sports and championships in this field will help you a lot, but […]


The positive effects of playing chess are beneficial for the health of mind and soul

Sick from exercise

Sick from exercise Common Mistakes in Exercise and sick from exerciseWhen it comes to exercise, it may be a little strange to hear the name of the disease next to it, but exercise can be beneficial for you and also sometimes damage your health.The scariest part of training is that the result of the work […]


Introducing CXWorx sport and its benefitsMaybe you have never heard of a sport called CXWorx or you have heard the name of this sport but you do not know about it.In this article, we want to acquaint you with the exercise of CXWorx and how to do its exercises in class and the benefits of […]

mountaineering equipment

mountaineering equipment The necessary equipment that you should bring with you in any mountaineeringMountaineering is one of the sports or recreations For some, mountaineering is the main job or the required part of the main job.Surveying technical routes in the mountains, using technical tools and engaging with rocky and icy routes is called mountaineering.Different tools […]

strange sports

strange sports and History of sports strange sports – Historians and archaeologists have repeatedly found irrefutable evidence of the interest of people in sports thousands of years ago, which is not unlike the current sport. The stone carvings are reminiscent of scenes from a particular style of play or combat.The objects and structures seen are […]

Types of skiing

Types of skiing Learn more about types of skiingThe history of skiing or types of skiing dates back to at least eight thousand years ago.Archaeological examples of skiing in Russia date back to around 6000 BC.Although modern skiing originated in Scandinavia, ski-related paintings were found 5,000 years ago in the Chinese province of Xinjiang. From […]

cough after running

cough after running What causes cough after running and the taste of blood after running?cough after running – After a hard walk, it is normal to feel that your chest, arms and legs are heavy or you are unable to speak, and sometimes you may feel the need to lift.But the worst taste in your […]

Benefits Tennis

Benefits Tennis Benefits Tennis : Tennis is a type of sport that is done using rackets and this sport can be played individually or in pairs.The special racket has a very strong short hand tennis and a small ball is exchanged between two people and if your opponent can not return the ball thrown from […]

Tennis elbows

Tennis elbows investigating the causes, symptoms and ways to treat tennis elbow diseaseSwelling of the tendons attached to the outside of the bones that protrude from the elbow can cause tennis elbow disease.For example, people who play golf are less likely to develop tennis elbow disease unless they use their elbows a lot. In this […]