Male weight gain 100%

Male weight gain A Healthy Guide to Obesity and Weight Gain for Slim MenMale weight gain : Weight gain and weight loss are not just for women.Many men are also looking for changes in their body and weight. Obesity and thinness can indicate a problem in the male body. There are many articles on this […]

Pilates body

pilates body Pilates for the ElderlyPilates largely avoids high impact, high power output, and heavy muscular and skeletal loading.Usually the first thing that happens after we get older is that we recover later from an injury.Women around the age of menopause are usually affected by hormonal changes, their metabolism slows down, and this prolongs the […]

Exercise per day

How much exercise per day ? Even 5 minutes a day is useful!The New York Times reported that “5 minutes of running a day has long-term benefits.” Since then, most news reports have suggested that maybe 5 minutes of exercise a day is all you need. But is this statement true?The New York Times story […]

tips for weight gain

tips for weight gain 7 effective weight loss methods that we have ignored! There are many effective but overlooked methods that can help you lose weight.Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to exercising and dieting. Losing weight does not mean spending all your time in the gym, you can achieve […]

learning chess

learning chess Chess teaching techniques;How to play chess?Chess is a purely intellectual sport for which concentration is one of the main factors.But if you are interested in chess, you can train and practice so that you can become a professional.It is never too late to learn to play chess.This game is one of the most […]

Ways to lose weight

Ways to lose weight Simple and practical tips for weight lossWhen it comes to weight loss,we often think of strict diets and fat burning diets, while fitness and weight loss are not all.We have already published dozens of articles under the title of prescriptions, suggestions and tricks for weight loss in Updatebody, but in this […]

Yoga for the neck and shoulders

Yoga for the neck and shoulders The best yoga exercises to treat or relieve neck and shoulder painModern technology offers countless benefits.It is a source of information and inspiration that connects us easily to our loved ones, but the fact remains, many of us sit in front of computers for hours, focusing on our cell […]

benefit of running

benefit of running 56 Benefits of running for body health and vitalityRunning slows down the aging process by strengthening the bones and muscles.In contrast, the bones and muscles of people who are Low activity on a daily basis are weak .These people are more prone to osteoporosis.In contrast, athletes’ skeletons are strong and they become […]

women’s arm

women’s arm The best exercise for strengthening and shaping women’s arm One of the common problems of women after aging is the loss of shape and strength of the arms, which in addition to weakness in doing things is not pleasant in appearance, so knowing a way to solve this problem will be very useful, […]

pre workout

pre workout The forbidden and wrong things that most of us do pre workoutThere are some forbidden things you should not do pre workout because it can have terrible consequences.If you aim to exercise, you should also avoid simple tasks such as drinking coffee and dress appropriately. Either way, with the right routine, your body […]