Diet healthy food

Diet for health: what link between diet and health? Health diets: what link between diet and health? The influence of food on health has been suspected for millennia … A close link is now proven by the results of numerous scientific studies. Update on foods to avoid and diets to choose to stay healthy. On […]

How many calorie a day

how many calories a day should I eat? to lose weight How many calories per day eat to lose weight? Man and Woman Calculator Do you want to know how many calories a day you need to consume (to lose weight)? You will find below a basic metabolism calculator (we speak of BMR in English: […]

Veggies meals

how to eat more veggies? 5 Ways to Get Yourself to Eat More Veggies Most doctors and medical professionals will agree: there is no food that is healthier than vegetables. The problem is, most people find that eating vegetables on a daily basis is difficult. Think back to when you were a child, slapping hands […]

apple cider lose weight

Apple cider vinegar to lose weight: is it effective? Do you already appreciate the benefits of apple cider vinegar to season your sauces? You’ll enjoy it even more after reading this article. Among the many benefits that apple cider vinegar (not to be confused with white vinegar) brings to our health, is weight loss. Apple […]

Foods for paleo diet

what is Paleo diet: Learn about this popular diet Seeing these people for many years has been allowed to fame for many years is a “Paleo decision” or “caveman”. This agent can introduce you, provide you with your own label, and select a caveman. By using health, you can gain health by using health. While […]

Keto diet for diabetes

keto diet for diabetics: Is a keto diet safe for diabetics? The keto diet for diabetics (its side effects and benefits) The properties of the keto diet for diabetics Are you familiar with the ketogenic diet and its effect on diabetes? Some believe that a ketogenic diet is effective for diabetes. Join us to discover […]

Atkins diet menu

Atkins diet menu: Everything You Need to Know The Atkins Diet is one of those lean and weight-loss diets. This diet claims that a person will lose about 6-7 kg by eating a large amount of food in 2 weeks. The theory of the Atkins diet is that the body is like an engine; it […]

Diet of cholesterol

diet with low cholesterol: 10 The best way to lower blood cholesterol Cholesterol is a type of fat that can precipitate in your blood vessels and block them. If the blockage occurs in the delicate blood vessels of the heart, it can cause ischemic heart disease and eventually myocardial infarction. According to the researchers, you […]

Keto diet for vegetarians

keto diets for vegetarians: 10 Key Secrets to Having a Vegetarian Keto Diet In detail, in the context of two separate articles, we first introduce the ketogenic diet and its pros and cons. Since this diet is very popular these days and it is newly known, we needed to provide you with more up-to-date and […]

Weight loss programs free

weight loss programs best: Introducing the best mobile apps If you are looking for apps that help you stay fit, get fit and lose weight, don’t miss out on this exclusive article. In this article, we are going to introduce the current fitness and weight loss apps available for Android and iOS. Smartphones have made […]