Low residue diet

Low residue diet If you have an inflammatory bowel disease that is diagnosed as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis or diverticulitis, your doctor may recommend following a low-fat diet. A low-fat diet is more about eating digestible foods. A low-fat diet may reduce the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease, diarrhea, and bowel obstruction; however, those […]

vegan diet plan

whole food plant based diets : Are You Ready To Become Vegan? A vegetarian diet today is one of the healthiest ways you can use it not only for yourself but for your planet as well as your budget. But many people still do not know about these diets and do not know how to […]

Cabbage soup diet

cabbage soup diet: Looking for a quick weight loss idea? Looking for a quick weight loss idea? Cabbage soup is exactly what you need. People who consumed cabbage soup reported a 1 to 2 kg weight loss in 3 days. Slimming diet with cabbage soup, which is very similar to GM slimming, will both lose […]

Diet for pcos

diet for PCOS. What to avoid and where to start? Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is an endocrine disease that affects 5-10% of women of childbearing age. It is characterized by the presence of numerous cysts on the ovaries, chronic ovulation disorders, and even its absence, hyperandrogenism and frequent obesity. Almost 50% of women with PCOS […]

Workout heart rate

workout for cardio: the best Heart strengthening exercises Respiratory exercises are a variety of exercises that bring more air to the lungs and are the best exercise for strengthening the heart. Speedy hiking, jumping, swimming, cycling, rope, skiing and sailing are all special exercises for strengthening the heart. Before jumping on a treadmill or starting […]

Macrobiotic diet

macrobiotic diet: What is the Macrobiotic Diet? Its name can be called “in search of happiness.” The macrobiotic diet, with brown rice, beans, and seafood, is used to bring balance to life for greater health and vitality. A macrobiotic diet is not just about your weight, it’s about achieving balance in life. This diet promises […]

Weight loss drinks

weight loss drinks: These drinks help you lose weight Slimming and losing weight is not a difficult task and there are many ways to lose weight. One of the best and most effective ways to lose weight and lose weight is to use drinks that make your snake easier. The following drinks help you lose […]

Weight loss workouts

weight loss workout plans: What to do what not to do? Some people think that slimming means fast slimming or bad eating and torturing the stomach! We can achieve our ideal weight if we can come up with a varied and energy-rich weight loss program without encountering a tasteless and colourful plate of food. Always, […]

Elimination diets

Elimination diets: How to make an elimination diet and why? Intolerances and food sensitivities are extremely common. In fact, it is estimated that between 2 and 20% of people in the world suffer from food intolerance. The elimination diets are the reference for the identification of food intolerances, sensitivities and allergies through the diet. They […]

For weight loss yoga

weight loss yoga: the best Yoga weight loss exercises A set of yoga exercises accelerate weight loss and weight loss, which is one of the most complete disciplines in the world that strengthens all the parts involved in one move. Yoga weight loss exercises Have you ever used yoga weight loss exercises? If you want […]